For most people, owning their first car is a rite of passage, an act that entails responsibility and a mature approach to life; it’s much like holding that driver’s license for the first time. Owning a car for the first time is a major milestone for anyone, especially for teenagers. Even if they get a used car with faded dashboard covers or a dilapidated pickup truck with missing floor mats, the vehicle will still be a special something that will be remembered for decades. It is only proper then that relatives and friends of first-time drivers should hand out advice and car accessories to bolster the enthusiasm of fledgling drivers. Accessories would give any ride a heightened degree of glamour and sophistication to that first car — regardless of whether it’s a pre-owned truck or a sleek sports car. While a traditional air freshener to hang on the rearview mirror is always the staple gift for first-time car owners, giving them custom seat covers is a guaranteed surprise. Complementing such presents with a nice set of specialized floor mats will neatly add to the trick. Gifts like these would be more than appreciated especially if the car is an old or pre-owned vehicle. For those that came out from the showroom, the stock dashboard covers should be fine; there’s no need to replace them for at least two years. Custom seat covers for the car owner work best if they are detailed to the exact requirements of the one who will be using the car most. Asking the car owner subtle questions on how he wants his car’s interiors to look is a good way to fish for hints. For those who aren’t quite sure what to get, giving the car owner vouchers or discount coupons from carwash establishments are great options. They are also some of the most useful gifts one can give to a new car owner. Buying first-time car owners some carwash kits (sponges, washcloths, tire shampoos, etc.) or a book on how to use a hydraulic jack and replace a flat wheel are also viable ideas. Not all car owners know much about a car’s engine and how to make it start when it bogs down, so a book on jumpstarting a car is also an excellent gift. For those who are very superstitious, placing some statuettes of saints and other divine figures on the dashboard are good options as well. For those who can afford expensive accessories, getting a car “pimped” with customized body paint or rigging it with powerful speakers can be arranged. Other, somewhat pricier accessories one can get a first-time car owner are customized racing seats, engine upgrades, or a cool set of tires. They are substantially more expensive than most accessories though — so much that most people would rather install those accessories to their own cars rather than fitting them to someone else’s. All in all, people can buy first-time car owners a lot of stuff, ranging from the practical ones to the luxury additions and options. The only thing that matters is making sure that the gifts would blend right in. Knowing the year and the model can go along, so it’s always best to know what the car’s make is before cashing out.