Very often, the trunk of a car becomes inadequate to accommodate all the accessories you need to carry with you. This happens particularly when you travel with your family and friends. You need to carry lots of extra luggage, accessories and, perhaps, even a pet. So, obviously you will need some extra space as the boot will fall short of accommodating these extra things. Under these situations, you can make use of roof racks or roof boxes. For the bikers, roof racks are an important addition to the car. With lots of other accessories kept in the car, putting the bike in a safe place may not be possible. So, it is better if you look at the roof top. You can fit racks there and fix your bike with it. The bike will be safe there. In case you have friends with you and they also have their bikes to carry with them, you can fit more than one rack. There are some accessories that you cannot fix with roof racks. Such things need to be kept within a box so that they remain safe and intact. When you need to carry such delicate things and the boot of the car does not allow you to put anything extra there, you can use roof boxes. They are boxes and perfect for the purpose. They will provide you with space to put things that you otherwise cannot keep in open places. The automobile market is expanding day by day and so is the domain of car accessory. So, you will have no problem to find out the right accessory for you. No matter whether you are looking for roof racks or roof boxes, a little research will be enough to get to the right place and buy the right product.