How to choose breakdown cover

The first question is whether you need this coverage at all. The average cost of yearly cover in the USA is around $70. A research in 2005 showed that the typical cost for the recovery and repair of a broken down vehicle was about $140, so, based on simple arithmetic, having breakdown cover would pay off if you expected to need it more than once every two years. Of course, you should take other things into account. Repair prices can vary significantly in different parts of the country. That’s why the cost of the cover may be a better or worse deal for you depending on which part of the country you live in. however, don’t take only sums into consideration. There is the convenience aspect to consider too. It’s very comfortable to know that you just have to make a telephone call to have help arrive rather than be desperately forced to try and find a garage out in the middle of nowhere one day, when a problem eventually occurs. In general this type of insurance is rather popular among car owners. Besides the marketplace has become more competitive, maintaining a downward pressure on prices. But, against this, it can be harder for a customer to assess the quality of the coverage offered. Some of the new providers are essentially marketing operations. They have no real network of garages or recovery vehicles of their own, and are just selling someone else’s services under a different brand. While this doesn’t necessarily mean the coverage is poor, it does mean the customer has to be careful and attentive.

Breakdown Cover ? What You Get?

The raw statistics about most of the major providers are surprisingly similar. Almost all quote an average response time of between 30 and 40 minutes, claim to fix 80% of problems at the roadside, and cost about $60-80 for a year’s worth of basic cover. The priority is usually given to single females or other vulnerable drivers. A typical basic policy covers the arrival of a recovery vehicle with a technician who will make an attempt of a roadside repair. If this is not possible your vehicle will be delivered to the nearest garage or, often, to another nearby destination of your choice. Some policies will cover the cost of basic repair work at the garage; however it is you who usually pays for parts. Beyond these basic services policies differ. Most providers offer about half a dozen different options, so you need consider everything very carefully to decide which of these best suits your needs.

Pay attention to the following points:

* Whether the policy is car or person based. Vehicle coverage protects you no matter who is in the vehicle. Person-based coverage guarantees service no matter which car you are in, even if it is not your own. And this does not mean that you must be only a driver to get a coverage.. Even as a passenger, you’ll be provided with full service. * Whether the cover includes a Home Recovery option. This option provides your car with servicing in case of breakdown at or near your house. * Whether or not the cost of alternative transport and/or accommodation is included. This is very important in the events when the vehicle can’t be repaired right now. Also get to know whether this applies only to the policy holder or also to other people in the vehicle. * Whether the company will notify your friends or relatives about the situation while you are waiting for your vehicle to be fixed. Useful Tip. Many providers offer discounts for purchasing online, and quite a few offer package deals which allow you to save money if you buy your insurance and your breakdown cover at the same time with the same provider. Today the Internet has made the searching for the right Breakdown Cover much easier. There are a lot of sites which can provide you with all necessary information including price and feature comparison, personal reviews, etc. This will help you make right decision. Do take time to read and think. The differences between the protection offered by the various companies, and by the different policy options offered by the same company, are subtle but significant at the same time, and you should take the time to consider everything very carefully.