Every year Edmunds.com makes a list of the best cars. They have already completed the 2009 Top Recommended Coupes list which includes 10 cars: two per each price category. The best coupes under $20,000 are 2009 Mini Cooper and 2009 Honda Civic. Although there are many little cars on the market lately which would qualify for this category, the editors chose these too for their reliability, affordability and style. The base price of both coupes is $15,000. 1. Mini Cooper has been the choice #1 for many people. It has great style and is driven easily. Edmunds admits that 2009 Mini Cooper is “a marvelous marriage of British character and German know-how”. 2. Honda Civic became one of the top coupes because it is a comfortable car with a good design, its manufacturer offers a lot of useful features and the car has really good crash test results. The segment of coupes under $30,000 was captured by two great German brands. 2009 Volkswagen GTI and 2009 BMW 1 Series were picked for their strong engines and magnificent driving dynamics. 3. Volkswagen GTI is a sport compact with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The car is made in a practical hatchback design which makes it stand out among other coupes. The Rabbit package made for this year model adds more sport features to the VW GTI. 4. BMW 1 Series represents a small entry-level luxury coupe class. It performs very well letting the owner enjoy the process of driving. Although 1 Series is a smaller and cheaper version, the manufacturer still put a choice of powerful engines from higher class 3 Series models. The next level it taken by 2009 Infiniti G37 and 2009 BMW 3 Series which represent the top-sellers among coupes under $40,000. The base price of each of them is a little over $33,000, but the additional features might hike the prices quickly. 5. 2009 Infiniti G37 has a muscular V6 engine mated with seven-speed automatic transmission. It is an attractive luxury car with smooth design and high speeds. The base model has a lot of dream-features: 18-inch wheels, automatic climate control, leather seats and trim, satellite radio, six-speaker system and many others. 6. BMW 3 Series is the standard for the class of cars it represents. The 2009 model was renewed and modified in several aspects. For many years BMW 3Series has been one of the best made cars, but the designers keep working on it to make the 3 Series even better than ever. The coupe is absolutely perfect in driving and has high-quality interior. This car has been and will remain for a while America’s best-selling luxury car. 2009 Porsche Cayman and 2009 BMW M3 are the high-performance coupes which have lots of muscle and high-tech features, but are still affordable for some people. These cars are in the segment of coupes under $60,000. 7. Porsche Cayman is very responsive to its driver. For its size the coupe has plenty of cargo space and feels roomy inside. Although it performs well on base level the countless optional features can drive the customers crazy, increasing the price significantly. 8. BMW M3 does not have as much space as the Porsche, but its performance is unbelievable! The 414-horsepower V8 engine gives a feeling of a flight. The brakes are stronger than anywhere: at the 60-0mph breaking test the M3 stopped in 100 feet! If price does not matter the enthusiasts should pay attention to the last two in the list. The most expensive over $60,000 coupes are 2009 Porsche 911 and 2009 Audi R8. 9. Porsche 911 delivers smooth and pleasant ride. Its acceleration is effortless and brakes are strong. As any other Porsche it provides enough space for its driver and passengers. This year model was updates with new front and rear fascia, touch-screen interface, bigger brakes and direct injection engine. 10. Audi R8 runs on a good 420-horsepower V8 engine, feels very roomy and represents a superb style. This exotic sports car is very high: the base price is above $114,000, but one would enjoy the standard features like six-CD changer and Bluetooth.