Pioneer car audio system is made up of several components and they include amplifiers, head units, changers, equalizers, speakers, satellites radios and others. For the speakers, they come in several sub categories which are car speakers, subwoofers, tweeters, component speakers and subwoofer enclosures. There are CD changers and add on changers. The head units include Cd players, cassettes players, in dash video, DVD players and Mp3 CD players. Amplifiers can be single channel or multi channels. Pioneer car audio systems are known for their good quality and when you get them, you can be sure that you are getting value for your money. There are very many online and off line stores that stock Pioneer car audio systems. Mostly, car audio are characterized into the source, the sound, the bass and the power. The source is the origin of the sound while the bass is the subwoofer that are responsible for the low frequencies in a system. When you are seeking to purchase, you will most probably be seeking for only one of these systems or two. It is therefore advisable to make sure that the systems are compatible so that you can achieve the best results. Get both systems from Pioneer and notice the difference compared to Pioneer and another brand. Keep in mind the features you want in your Pioneer car audio system. There may be features that do not please you and there are features that you will find very pleasing. Since there is so much variety to choose from, do not settle for less. Make sure the store attendants give you correct and precise information about the systems. They should do this in a courteous and friendly way. If you find that some staff do not have product details, you are better of shopping somewhere else. This is because you are dealing with very sensitive products that will define your car entertainment. Every time you enter your car, you want to listen to something that makes you happy and if the system is compromised, you are certainly not happy. Know the kind store you are buying from well. It should be registered and authorized to sell Pioneer car audio. If many customers are being attracted to a store, then probably they are satisfied with the service. Prices are always a huge factor to consider while buying Pioneer car audio systems. Do not go for very low prices without being sure of the quality. Many stores specialize in selling cheap products and they are perfectly of good quality. You need to learn how to tell the difference between this stores. Pioneer car audio is generally very affordable and you should be able to get the systems at a good price. Discounts and offer are certain to save your money but to a certain extent. By comparing the discount margins from various stores, you will be able to know which deal fits you budget. Finally get the necessary information on installation. If you sacrifice some time, it will be worth it because you will save money on installation and get to enjoy your sound courtesy of Pioneer.