As the Toyota vehicle ages, many of its replaceable parts will also wear out due to continued use. The systems in the auto which are heavily burdened are the ones that will break first, including the parts mounted in them. Other systems are strongly constructed because they support the entire weight of the automobile. However, the parts attached to them have to be replaced when they wear out so that the extent of damage will only be limited among the replaceable components. One system that absorbs much of the vibrations produced while driving is the suspension system. The entire suspension is mounted underneath the vehicle and the parts are distributed along the wheels so that there will be immediate absorption of vibrations to keep the passengers free from these. These vibrations can become so annoying and will cause great disturbance among the passengers if not reduced, and the ride may become a dreadful experience. Vibrations are further reduced by the Toyota suspension because there are Toyota Suspension Bushings installed in its end. The very reason why there are suspension bushings in every suspension assembly is to isolate vibrations that will cause ride discomfort. Aside from that, the installation of the Toyota Suspension Bushings also gives the suspension arm a leeway for movement, which is necessary in the dispersion of vibration. Without this leeway, there will be too much metal stress on the arm and this will shorten its serviceability. There have also been technological improvements in the construction of the bushings which are geared towards better performance. Previously, bushings were made of rubberized materials and some were enclosed in a metal case. However, they were prone to give out when the vehicle is heavily used, when off-road driving and racing for instance. When the auto is also modified and its elevation from the ground is increased, the bushings would wear out at a shorter period of time. It is not advised to replace just the worn-out bushing but the entire bushing kit so that there will be a balance in the vehicle. The new type of bushing that is designed to provide longer service is the polyurethane type which can be used in the entire suspension system. The polyurethane Toyota Suspension Bushing will help eliminate body roll and can give the vehicle a smoother, longer lasting ride, and better body fit. This bushing is highly recommended for vehicles that have been raised with a body lift. There is added stress on the suspension bushing when the auto body is raised, but many find beauty in vehicles that have a raised body. Therefore, these should be supported by stronger bushings for better performance. Without the bushings, the suspension will loosen and an increase in vibration will result. Other parts will also be affected and their longevity will be reduced. In general, the Toyota Suspension Bushings will improve the overall performance of Toyota models. Since they absorb the vibration from the suspension, the tension in other parts will also be reduced since there will be no more unnecessary movements that could stress the said components. Toyota vehicles are known for their superior performance, and this can be attributed to their parts that have undergone strict scrutiny prior to installation.