A Ford Transit Minibus can be converted to serve almost any purpose. Only your budget and imagination impose any limits. Ford minibuses are so designed that there are few limitations as to what can be done with the interior. Some popular conversions for these types of van include campers, utility vehicles, and disability mobility vans. Second-hand vans and minibuses for sale are plentiful. They can be found by going to vehicle dealerships, looking at classified ads or accessing the Internet. Whatever parts or accessories you might need for customising your van or minibus can be obtained online. Three interesting ways of customising a Ford Transit Minibus are shown below.

Mobile Party Bus

No matter the year or model a Ford Transit Minibuses can be converted into the perfect mobile party van. The options are endless depending on what you want to include, such as a high tech sound and entertainment center. You can add a flat screen TV for watching movies or videos on a folding mount attached to the roof. When you’ve finished the video or programme you were watching, the TV can easily be stowed away. If you want to, you can set the party mood by installing a coloured flashing LED lighting system. A conversion into a party bus provides you with the opportunity to have fun with your friends wherever you like. You can open the doors and have everything you need at your fingertips to relax and have a good time. There are many different storage units available along with refrigerators that can fit into your plans. The fitting of bench seats allows for extra seating and extra storage space. These benches are ideal for storing folding chairs that can be taken outside when required.

Mobile Pet Grooming

A Ford Transit Minibus or van is the perfect size of vehicle for a small dog mobile pet grooming business. It’s not difficult to convert them so that grooming small dogs is easy. You can buy, among many other things, special grooming tables which provide storage for clippers, combs and brushes. Overhead storage cabinets are also available along with upright cabinets to hold supplies. Local recognition of your grooming business can be achieved by means of your mobile pet grooming minibus. Signage on your vehicle’s outside can provide people with your address, phone number and website details. You can draw attention to your mobile grooming business by displaying appropriate pictures on the van’s panels. All the supplies and equipment that you might need can easily be accommodated in this type of vehicle.

Party Catering Business

A minibus or van is the ideal type of vehicle to use if you cater at special events and parties. The Ford Transit Minibus is roomy enough to allow storage of all the equipment and supplies that you might need. With all the different storage units available you can get any type of unit needed. It’s possible, too, to obtain refrigerated units that allow you to store perishable food items. You can install overhead storage for linen and party supplies. There are custom made cabinets that can be used to store glasses and plates. These types of unit hold glassware and china securely in place so they don’t break whilst you are travelling between destinations. There are many reliable companies that specialise in used commercial vehicles sales. If you are looking for ideas or for parts for your van or minibus, the Internet is a great place to find other people who are into customising minibuses. Without a great deal of research you should be able to find a Ford Transit Minibus that’s ideal for your customisation.