Toyota has another recall: the automaker has announced that it is recalling 11,500 Lexus vehicles all over the world. The autos equipped with Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) might have a “temporary steering –wheel off-center condition that may develop under specific driving maneuver”. The VGRS is not a standard feature on Lexus, for example, only 50% LS models are equipped with it. The manufacturer says that the problem occurs “after driving away quickly from a tight turn where the steering was at a full lock condition”. There has been one customer report in the U.S. about the problem, but no injuries or accidents have been linked to it. The U.S. part of the recall includes 3,800 2009-2010 Lexus 460 and Lexus LS 600 L. The customers will get a notice about the event and can take their vehicles to nearest dealerships as soon as they can. The steering control computer will be replaced at no charge. There have not been any starting dates set, but the customers will be notified about them.

New Rules from NHTSA

  Since there have been a lot of talks and unpleasant issues after the major Toyota recall, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has decided to set new auto safety rules which would not allow the same problem to happen again. At the congressional hearing two days ago, the new administrator, David Strickland, has announced them.

A Challenge from Edmunds

  In the last weeks almost every American has heard and discussed the problem of Toyota vehicles that have to be recalled because of “unintended acceleration”. The Japanese manufacturer is suffering losses in sales and reputation of a company that builds safest cars, but there are many questions to be answered about this whole deal.

Toyota Shutting Down Plants

  In the light of the recent mega-recalls Toyota started losing sales. In order to slow down the production, the manufacturer has decided to close two U.S. plants for an indefinite time till things clear up for the company.  

Toyota Recalls Cars in China

  Sometimes having great sales and producing autos too quickly might turn against the car manufacturer. This is what happened to Toyota which has to recall nearly 700,000 cars in China because of such minor problem as a faulty window switch.