Coupe does not always have to be a super advanced car with hundreds of horsepower. Sometimes istcan be little and simple and at the same time practical and fuel-efficient. 2009 Mini Cooper is one of the top coupes under $20,000 offered by Although many auto dealerships are hopelessly waiting for customers, BMW dealers all over the U.S. are selling Coopers as soon as they can get them. There is no wonder: little car has really good price and provides fuel-efficiency and comfort of a BMW. The production version of 2009 model was presented at the Geneva Auto Show in March. It has not changed much since the II generation has been introduced in 2007 when the platform has been reengineered and enlarged and the engine made cheaper to make and more fuel-efficient. BMW offers two engines for 2009 Mini Cooper: a 1.6-liter four cylinder that outputs 120 horsepower and 118 pound-feet of torque and the motor with the same capacity plus a twin-scroll turbocharger that increases the parameters to 172 hp and 177 lb-ft. The basic model reaches the top speed of 136 mph and gets to 60 mph within 8.5 seconds. By default the car comes with six-speed standard transmission, however the automatic gearbox can be ordered instead. Being a sport car, Cooper comes with a responsive suspension which has MacPherson-style spring struts on the front axle, a central-arm rear axle and anti-roll bars. The S model has even better suspension with stiffer shocks and harder springs. Though, if this is still not enough, a customer can order even better variant of sport suspension. This year all Minis received stability-control system as a standard feature. If a buyer desires, manufacturer can add Dynamic Traction Control as an optional feature. Cooper has high-performance brakes with Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Cornering Brake Control. Brake assistant helps with emergency stops and slows down the car even faster if needed. Although small cars do not usually do well at crash tests, 2009 Mini Cooper has a big number of safety features and came up with really good results on the tests. The car has six standard airbags including side-impact torso airbags and side-curtain airbags. Even the convertibles are equipped with side head and torso airbags. The safety of people in the Cooper is also provided by strengthened passenger cell and the motor set transversely in order to maximize car’s crumple zones and turn away crash energy to the floor. In case of an accident little smart car turns off electric fuel pump, switches on inside lights and hazard warning flashes, and unlocks doors. In 2009 customers are offered 10 various body colors among which are Pepper White, Mellon Yellow, Chili Red and Oxygen Blue. Manufacturer also offers a variety of roof and side-view mirror graphics. The interior of Mini Cooper became roomier and added style. It really makes an impression of a racing car with the “circular elements”. The car looks unique with center mounted speedometer, leather seats and race car switches. Designers enlarged space for the driver and front-seat passenger by reducing the number of instruments, which now provide more functions than ever. If a customer wants additional comfort, the manufacturer can suggest optional automatic air conditioning, heated seats, GPS, 10-speaker stereo with HD radio and Bluetooth. Being 145.6 inches long and 66.3 inches wide Cooper is considered to be one of the smallest vehicles on the world auto market competing with Volkswagen Beetle, Smart for Two, Nano City, Chrysler PT Cruiser and a few other cars.