There are negative and positive features in buying both a new and a used vehicle and your decision will depend on careful consideration of all the advantages and disadvantages. We offer you some most important factors to think over.

Value Description

You have just bought a brand new vehicle, sat at the wheel, driven off and immediately your car changes its status from “brand new” to “second hand”. This means that its price becomes lower immediately after you have purchased it. Within 3 years an absolutely new car loses around 40% of its value. Of course, this is just an average indicator and some cars can keep their starting value within rather a long period of time. So keep in mind that in most cases a person selling you a used car looses much more that you who is buying it.


Both new and second hand vehicles will need additional costs. If you are buying a new car your costs will be connected with higher insurance premium, registration etc. A used car will certainly need a repair or replacement of some worn parts.


Of course so me dealers selling used cars offer to their clients some kind of warranty. However it is not as comprehensive as that provided for new vehicles. Very often buying a second hand car from a private seller you are not likely to get any warranty at al.


Before buying any car – new or used one – it will be very useful to read consumer reports in order to get to know all strong and weak points of a certain model. Don’t neglect this tip in order not to buy a pig in a poke for rather a big sum of money. Remember that it will be rather naively of you to rely only on a manufacturer’s good name and reputation.


Of course it is customary to believe that a new car is much more reliable than a second-hand one which has been used for a long time.  However this is not always the case. The fact is some older models turn to very reliable and extremely durable. But unfortunately you never know how the car has been treated before.


Many second-hand car owners are rightfully proud of their vehicles. And perhaps it is rather snobbish to think that there is nothing better than to drive a brand new vehicle in mint condition. Tastes differ, you know.


Recently many people have considered new cars much safer than older ones as brand new vehicles are provided with more contemporary safety features. However, today most used cars are as safe as new ones, of course if these vehicles have been properly treated.