Renting a car in the UK is as simple as it can be in Spain. However, considering that this is another country where you also drive on the left, you may have some doubts when renting a car that we hope this article will help you solve! Otherwise, you can visit for more information about car rental in the UK.

Can I drive in the UK with my Spanish licence?

Yes, as both countries are members of the European Union, the Spanish driver's license is fully valid in the United Kingdom. You can drive with your Spanish driving licence (as long as it has not expired) up to the age of 70, or during the first three years after becoming a UK resident, whichever is longer. After this period you will have to exchange your Spanish driving licence for English.

Do I have to pass a driving test to drive here?

It's true that driving on the left side can seem complicated, and not having done so before can make you a clumsier driver, but like everything else, it's a matter of practice - after a few hours you get used to it, even if you occasionally hit your right hand with the door when you change gears... Although there is no complication other than driving on the left side and understanding the miles correctly, here are some driving rules to keep in mind:
  • Driving on the left, and therefore overtaking on the right lane
  • When you reach a roundabout, cars on your right have priority (unless otherwise noted).
  • At intersections there is no fixed rule about who has priority - there is usually a sign indicating who has it
  • The minimum age to drive is 17 years old.
Speed limits:
  • Residential areas: 30 m/h (48 km/h)
  • One-way roads: 60 m/h (96 km/h)
  • Two-way roads: 70 m/h (112 km/h)
  • Motorways: 70 m/h (112 km/h)

How could you save me a few pounds by renting a car?

Obviously, the first thing to do is to compare prices for the same type of vehicle and rental period at different companies. To do this, we recommend some of the websites where you can compare car hire prices in the UK. Don't forget to take into account all the services/extras that are included, as sometimes the cheapest rental is not necessarily the cheapest. One of the extras that car rental companies make more money with is Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) cover with 0 excess. We recommend that you take out a separate car hire excess insurance as the savings can be considerable. It is also recommended that you take a look at the conditions of your credit card (if you have one), as in many cases these include this type of insurance, as long as you pay for the car rental with the same credit card.