Obviously a lot of people know that it is necessary to check tires regularly for damage and punctures but do they also know how important it is to check the tire pressure too? Why is it so important, you may ask. Having the right tire pressure can prolong the operation period of the tires. Also it improves the overall safety of your vehicle and helps you use less fuel, so this is good for both the environment and your wallet! If you drive on tires that are under inflated, they tend to overheating. If they are over inflated they can prevent you from driving your car properly on the road, which could lead to an increased chance of a collision. The researches show that approximately 6% of fatal accidents on the US roads are caused by under-inflated tires suddenly failing. For this reason you can be fined $2000 per tire if they are over or under-inflated enough to be considered un-roadworthy. So, besides the legal and safety aspects, there’s also a good financial reason for checking your tire pressure. It’s clear, that over and under inflated tires are more likely to be damaged than those that are inflated to the correct pressure. Over and under inflating can lead to excess tire wear: under-inflated tires will wear down quicker along the tire walls, whereas over-inflated ones will wear around their center. This is the reason of early replacement and unnecessary waste of money. That’s not all. Driving with wrong tire pressure leads to increasing fuel waste which makes your petrol bill higher. The matter is in the fact that under-inflated tires increase rolling resistance and your car needs more fuel to maintain the same speed as when your tires have the correct pressure. So, let’s sum up. You can save money, observe the law, be safe on the road, and even reduce your ?carbon footprint’ just by regular checking your tire pressure. Also you will use less fuel and in this case your vehicle will be less harmful for the environment.

What is tire pressure?

The tire pressure is measured by working out the amount of air that’s been pumped into the inside lining of your tires in BAR pressure or PSI (pounds force.) You should check the tire pressure at least once a month, better once a week or whenever you think there might be a problem with your tires. In summer the tires usually lose more pressure as it is hot, so check it more often. Remember that the air escapes from your tires very slowly so it is very difficult to notice this and you might not even be aware that it’s happening.

How to inflate the tires to correct pressure?

Read the owner’s manual and that should tell you everything you need to know. The information can also be marked inside the car (on the pillar of the driver’s door, the fuse box, or on the inside of the petrol flap.) To check the current pressure, you will need a gauge. You can take a digital air dispenser – most supermarket garages and petrol stations have one. * you should be aware of your correct tire pressure. Set the appropriate PSI/BAR pressure on the machine (there should be instructions on how to do this on the machine and it is usually very easy to do.) * Attach the air hose to the tube on your tire – you should be able to see the tube near the outer rim of the wheel. * The machine will now inflate your tire, stopping when it reaches the pressure you have selected. Some machines will beep, others will just stop inflating. * Repeat the actions with all four tires. * Drive off safely and don’t forget to check your tire pressure weekly. Related:
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