Tyre – is the only and main component which connected car with the road and providing its guidance and conduct. Shock absorption (deterioration) is unavoidable which is caused by normal car exploitation or disrepairs of rudder system. In this case shock absorption will be increased. In any case you should make it a rule to visually examine tyres in order to find shock absorption features if only once a month and take same measures. One of the measures of increased shock absorption is rotation of wheels. The aim of rotation is providing of uniform shock absorption of all wheels for saving their operating characteristics. Rotation is recommended to every 15000 km or according car producer recommendations. Discovering too high deterioration consult to an expert to find the reasons. There are some recommendations about the way of transposition of corresponding wheels’ types and wheels formula of a car. Sometimes front and rear wheels have different pressure. In this case it is necessary to regulate wheels pressure after rotation. Spare wheels are included to rotations scheme they are usually changed with right rear wheel. But spare wheels of temporal use are not included in rotation. Warning! Some types of wheel do not correspond to usual scheme. For example, wheels which have definite direction of rolling or wheels with asymmetrical tread design. The sizes of front and rear wheels in some cars differ. There is restriction in rotation scheme for them. In any case you should consult to the specialist from producer to get recommendations. Rotation schemes. Back or all wheel drive car. Front wheel drive car. All cars. Irregular deterioration of rear wheels. Irregular deterioration of front wheels. 6 – Wheels rotation. 8 – Wheels rotation.