So at last you have passed your driving test. It is going to be your first time on the motorway alone, without someone’s help. For some young drivers this may be fun but for others seem to be terrifying. Be sure that to pass a driving test is the easiest thing in driving. Much more difficult to drive yourself Newly qualified drivers are usually considered to be more dangerous as experienced ones and that’s why they have to pay higher premiums. According to statistics young motorists more often claim to on their insurance, especially the male drivers as they often drive quickly and carelessly in order just to show off to other people. Male teenagers, according to the statistics, claim on their insurance very often and their claims are more expensive. Average loss ratio for their insurance is 120 per cent.

Road Accidents with Young Drivers

Nowadays various campaigns against the rise of young people death on the road are very popular and wide-spread both in the USA and European countries. Researches show that teenage motorists are 10 times more likely to get into the road accident in comparison with more experienced motorists. Other researches managed to find out that the accidents which involve young motorist differ from those involving other drivers. Young drivers are more likely to get to the accidents because of high speed, driving on weekend nights. Often these accidents o not involve any other vehicle. Young male drivers are more often guilty than females or experienced motorists. We should address a number of areas to reduce the problem of young motorists being involved into road accidents

Technical Skills

The main reason of road accidents involving young drivers is carelessness. The fact is that the young motorists usually have better car control skills than other drivers as they have had driving lessons recently in comparison with other motorists. Young drivers should keep in mind that they should not drive too fast and try to carry out difficult and risky maneuvers just to show off to their friends.

Road Awareness

Young drivers do not have the necessary road knowledge or driving experience of the older drivers. Researches show that many accidents involving young drivers happen during bad weather conditions, which means that the newly qualified motorists just unable to adapt their style of driving to the road state and weather conditions. So young drivers should keep in mind that the experience comes with time and it is always necessary to take enough time to “read the road”.

Road Attitude

Having got their driving license, young drivers feel free and uncontrolled. Researches show that young drivers consider breaking the speed limit to be not so important factor causing of road accidents. Don’t be cocky ? even if you have a driving license this does not mean that you can behave on the road like an idiot.

Drive Safely

It is the most obvious and effective way to reduce the number of road accidents involving young drivers.  Insurers set their estimates on the basis of your driving experience. If you drive without any accidents for a few years you’ll see the difference. Your premium may be reduced  60-75 per cent as an encouragement offered by insurance companies to the “safest drivers”.