Common Problems

• Wear hurts manual transmission mainly in the synchronizers. The maim purpose of synchronizers is making shift easier and gear clash preventing. Usually they are made of brass and over time they get worm which leads to grinding and hard shifting. • Slipping and uncertain shifting can also be caused by worn-out automatic transmission. • Over time universal joints also get worn-out which leads to vibration while driving. Modern universal joints are usually sealed therefore you cannot lubricate them but only replace.

Preventive maintenance

• On regular basis change the transmission fluid. A time schedule is usually provided in your owner’s manual. If you tug a boat of a trailer you should change the fuel in the transmission even more often. Every manual contains necessary recommendations regarding several main modes of car usage. • If your transmission is manual never “ride” the clutch. You should learn to perform clutching smoothly and gradually without revving the engine too intensively as this can lead to early clutch’s wear. • We recommend using transmission cooler for automatic transmission if you often tug a trailer or a boat. Under such severe conditions of car usage the temperature can reach boiling point. Today many modern trucks sold with a tugging package are provided with transmission coolers. • If your universal joints can be lubricated don’t forget doing this on regular basis prescribed by your manual. If you are going to replace the universal joints use those with lubrication fittings as they wear-out no so quickly. • If you own a front wheel drive vehicle try not to apply the gas to the floor when the wheels are turned at full lock. This can lead to premature wear of the universal joints as it puts additional stress on them. This situation can happened when your car is stuck in the snow and you are trying to get it out. Discuss with your mechanic If you feel that your vehicle vibrates while driving, remember precisely when this happens – at braking, accelerating, turning, at constant speed? – and describe to the mechanic.