Everyone knows that is not so simple to look for a new car to buy. People usually start the matter in a few different ways: ask for advice and opinion, research a while range of models one by one or just buy the first attractive vehicle caught by the eye. When you are looking for a new car think over a few aspects.  One of them is the price. The ideal price must not exceed your budget. Another aspect is the car’s style. The main point here is to combine your desire to have a sleek sport car and save enough money to pay for gas which is rather expensive today. Remember that it is impossible to pay Corolla price and enjoy Mercedes style. Think carefully what you really expect from your new car. Define your expectations regarding price, style, look, safety features before going to any car showroom. Only when you have a bright approximation of what to search you can start matching up your ideals to the models. Of course word of mouth is very important and you should consider your friends’ testimonials but there is nothing better your own examination of the vehicles you like. This examination should be based on several test drives along the city and country roads during all types of weather conditions.  Only such hands-on evaluation will help you really feel the car. Also you should conduct and inquiry into the cost of maintenance of your potential vehicle. Carefully calculate the price of a full tank, parts’ replacement, minor repairs and regular tuning. When finally you’ve made all the calculations and chosen the car you want it’s high time to consider the aspects of financing. This decision depends on your financial capacity. For some people, for instance, weekly or monthly payments seem more attractive and suitable so they choose leasing. Other prefer to place a large sum of money from the very beginning and  pay the difference over time. Also don’t forget about hidden expenses implied by a car buy: automobile insurance, preparation fees etc. There are some sly car dealers who try to make a first-time car buyer to purchase things important from the first sight but absolutely unnecessary in reality, for example, expensive rust proofing treatments, performance tires, superior sound systems, fancy wheel covers and others “must-haves”. So we can make a conclusion that it is not a speedy matter to buy a car. The process needs much time and research. Very often people who just go into the dealership’s and drive out in the first good-looking car pay more than if they take more time to think over and consider the aspects mentioned above. Questions to be asked: 1.    What are the financing options? 2.    What are the car options? 3.    What colors are available? 4.    What is the price of delivery? 5.    What about the warranty?