Visiting France's largest cities becomes very easy thanks to the various rental services offered in each of them. To find the best car rental deals in one of the beautiful cities, from Paris to Lyon via Nice, Marseille, Ajaccio and Bordeaux as well as the other major cities of France, it is very important to compare the different offers available in agencies and online. Visit for more about car rental in France. The price of a car rental depends on several criteria, but the city where the customer must pick up the car plays a major role.

The top 3 most expensive cities for rent

Given the price of fuel, parking fees, car insurance, vehicle registration and maintenance, car rental agencies often increase their rates in France. Currently, the three French cities where the price of renting a vehicle costs the most are Boulogne-Billancourt (45.51€/day), Agen (43.68€/day) and Rodez (42.77€/day). The first, a bourgeois city in the West of Paris, has a strong demand for rentals. In Rodez and Agen, the choice of rental vehicle remains very limited, resulting in much higher prices than in larger cities such as Nice (35.5€/day), Toulouse (35.3€/day), Paris (33.2€/day) or Nantes (32.4€). To benefit from a significant discount on car rental rates in these cities, simply make a reservation several weeks in advance. A policy adopted by most agencies in France.

The cheapest cities to rent in France

In addition to the main cities of France where a large number of rented vehicles are concentrated, Marseille, Ajaccio and Bastia offer much cheaper rates than the others. In these three French cities, daily rental costs between €30.1 and €30.5. However, these tariffs are generally subject to year-to-year evolutionary constraints. Some cities such as Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon, for example, have seen an increase from 7% to 9% in one year. In addition, the car rental market is currently undergoing major changes at the national level. However, the rental price remains stable in France thanks to the diversity of the offers and the strong competition between rental companies. The new co-location systems integrated in several French cities are also significant criteria.