Before you shop for a lease, there is critical information that you should have gathered concerning features of vehicle leasing that you will want to consider before signing any lease agreement. The checklist below will aid you in gathering such information. Many vehicle leasing terms and conditions are completely negotiable, so you can often tailor fit a lease to your driving habits and financial needs.However, it’s vital that you understand all the lease provisions before signing, because once signed the contract terms are final and non-negotiable. Researching leases and gathering information from automotive manufacturer’s publications, newspaper/magazine articles, the Internet, advertisements, consumer publications, automotive dealers, and Manchester vehicle leasing agents will help you negotiate and secure the best lease for your needs. Have you selected a vehicle? _______________ If so, which make/model/options _____________________________________________ * Consumer guides, automotive publications, and Internet sites are excellent sources of information that can help you choose the right vehicle. What amount can you afford to pay up front? $________ What can you afford to pay each month? $________ What can you afford to pay at lease-end? $________ * Consider beginning, middle, and end-of-lease costs, not just the monthly payment. How many years or months do you anticipate keeping the vehicle? __________(years/months) How many years or months do you typically keep a vehicle? __________ (years/months) * The lease should fit your needs and business requirements. Don’t sign a lease with a term longer than you intend to keep the vehicle, because you may have to pay a substantial early termination charge. The earlier you terminate the lease, the greater the penalty may be. How many miles do you typically drive each year? __________ * Be realistic–underestimating the mileage that you put on a vehicle could cost you greatly at the end of your lease contract. Consult the odometer on your current vehicle to determine your estimated yearly mileage. Do you want a lease with an optional end-of-contract purchase option? ________ * You may want the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the car/van leasing period. Keep in mind, however, that the purchase option terms within the lease may modify other terms in the lease. What is your current automobile insurance coverage for: 1. Bodily injury, property damage $________ 2. Liability $________ 3. Collision and comprehensive $________ What are your insurance deductibles for: 1. Collision $________ 2. Comprehensive $________ * Your lease may require you to carry a higher level of insurance than you currently carry.