Today, the deals on wheels go way beyond being just modes of transport and convenience. A general trend has been observed the world over of more and more car owners taking on car customization of their vehicles to fit further into their scheme of requirements. However, the way you attempt car customization of a vehicle is very important. You need to be focused on accessorizing the vehicle in a way that its overall look is further enhanced. For example, Low profile-alloy wheel tires, tinted windows and normal sized spoilers, could make your passion on wheels look a little hotter. Similarly, massive supra spoilers and lowering the body to get the Formula One look only causes more damage and makes a great looking car look hideous. Huge bumper guards and company logo stickers not only spoil the overall appearance but also cause damage to the body paint and the structure itself. You need towards making the car look better. Keep in mind that certain car customization simply leads towards unexpected and garish visual results. The resultant look not only ‘kills’ your car, but also diminishes her ranking and sale value, should you ever attempt to sell her. The inevitable downward plunging resale value adds to your loss. Car customization should be attempted after research and a lot of deliberation. Always seek the option of others and specially your mechanic or a professional in the field. The car customization should be enhancing and not destructive to the vehicle. A car, like a home, is usually a one time investment for many. When incurring the expenses that accompany customizing your car you should be dead sure that of the changes you want to bring on and work along simple guidelines. Just as you would sport a cravat to bring on the desired look at a special social ‘do’, similarly, ensure that the car customization does not hamper the body of the vehicle or the running and adds to the visual treat the car already is. Take on a small amount of car customization, instead of going overboard and ending up as owner of a hideous-looking beast. You could focus on an infant seat if you have a baby at home or sun shield for the windows if the family travels around a lot, together. You could also consider the installation of a special ‘disabled’ seat for an elderly family member, but remember that any car customization should be attempted only after considering the car make and the space within. Hence, it is very important to take and act on the advice of a professional. Also remember that many car manufacturers specify non-customization with good reason. Many also take on car customization of the cars at the service centers affiliated and ensure and guarantee the car customization. These are some of the options you should consider when attempting to customize your car. It is better to go in for a better quality set of tires for your beauty than to fit her with a spoiler where it is not even required. Your car like your home and company, speaks volumes for your personal taste and character.