Manchester is one of the UK's most characterful cities. It's situated in the north of England in the county of Grand Manchester and is an important artistic, financial, university and tourist centre. Not in vain, is the third most visited British city. It played an essential role in the Industrial Revolution, a past that is still very much alive in the city and is still evident in many of its buildings. It also stands out on a sporting level and is home to such famous stadiums as Manchester United's Old Trafford. In this city there is so much to see and do that renting a car in Manchester can be of great help. Visit for more information about Manchester car rental. We offer several offices so you can choose the vehicle that best suits your needs. And you can also use it to tour other cities in the north of England, such as York or Leeds.

Driving in the UK

Driving in the UK can be quite an experience, mainly because here you drive on the left side and overtake on the right. To avoid confusion, we recommend that you look at the priority crossing indicator at intersections. Apart from this, the UK is an easy country to explore by car and Manchester is no exception. In fact, Grand Manchester County is the only county in the country to have a ring road, the M60, which connects virtually all municipalities except Bolton and Wigan.

The city of Manchester

The city is also very well connected to Manchester Airport, which can be reached by car in just over half an hour via the A56. And it has good connections with other major cities. The M1 motorway, for example, allows you to get to London in 4.5 hours, and via the M62 you can drive to Liverpool in less than an hour and a quarter. For driving in the UK, don't forget to bring your vehicle documents, identification card, insurance certificate and driver's licence with you. The minimum driving age is 17. In urban areas, the speed limit is 48 kilometres per hour, while on motorways it is 112. When it comes to parking, the regulations in the United Kingdom are very extensive. We recommend that you ask about this in our office and pay attention to the red and yellow lines on the roadway before parking.