When you push the accelerator pedal fully fuel outlay increases up to 30 litters per 100 km. It will be better to speed quiet little by little. It is important because today petrol is very expensive.

Imagine that there is fragile egg between your foot and accelerator pedal. Your task is not to crush it. It makes you push accelerator pedal carefully. If your car is in good condition fuel saving will be 40 %. And I think it is not little. You needn’t heat engine in present day cars. You should start moving as soon as engine starts. Do not allow an engine to work idling. The engine working idling expends as much fuel as fuel is need per 1 km. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should stop the engine in front of each traffic light but if you are in a traffic jam or are waiting before railway crossing it will be better to stop engine. So you can follow the rule – if stop lasts more than 30 seconds engine will be stopped.

Speed your car little by little

The most economical range of engine’s work is from 1500 to2000 rotations. It means that you should early turn in engine on increase transmissions. The main thing is not to overwork an engine. The car twitching means engine’s overwork. If you push accelerator pedal attentively you will be able to drive a car on fifth transmission. If you have to speed you should turn in engine in third transmission. Such style of driving is typical for trips on a long distance. And its clever use will help to save fuel.

Master a clever style of driving

The clever style of driving is a game of passing. You should study to prognoses situations. It is desirable to catch the rhythm of traffic and avoid unnecessary increasing of speed. Those, who sharply increase speed and then sharply stop, double fuel expanse. You should remember that the bigger engine’s capacity is the more fuel expanse depends on the style of driving. For example, if you drive a car hard its fuel expanse will double. Especially ways of economical car driving are important for trips on long distance. The main rule of economical traffic is to avoid unnecessary slowing down. You should control the traffic situation. Some drivers press the accelerator pedal too greatly then set it free and push again. Such game with pedal increases fuel expanse on 10 – 20 %. Increase pressure on pedal at the same time with car speeding. It is necessary.

Do not drive with the highest speed. You will save 50% fuel if you push accelerator pedal not more then ¾. It is proved that driver, who drives a car on the highest speed on the line, who makes dangerous passing will not win time by comparison with a car which goes with permitted speed.

Check pressure in tyres

Pressure in tyres exerts influence upon fuel expanse. Lowering of pressure in tyres for 0,4 atmosphere increases fuel expanse for 10%. Check pressure in tyres and you will be surprise that you drive on loose tyres. For driving on high speed car producers recommend to increase pressure in tyres. This is the best way for economical driving.

Keep up with a car

Old plugs, dirty filters increase fuel expanse for 10%. Unfit sprayers, badly regulated carburetor increase fuel expanse for 50%. Here it should be mentioned block catalyst. It makes resistance exhausted gases which reduce engine’s rating (output). Fill car up with petrol with greater octane number will not make things better. How to define fuel expanse? It is impossible to do without special equipment. You can do the following. Install trip odometer to zero. Fill a car up with petrol and as soon as low fuel warning light turn in you are welcome to a petrol station. Write your distance and fill a car up with petrol. As more fuel hold as more you burn. Not complicated mathematical calculation fives you fuel expanse for 100 km.

Do not put a lot of things in a boot

Excess baggage of 100 kg will cause unnecessary expanse of 1 liter petrol per 100 km.

Start like a professional

Instructor of a driving car teaches a fresher to start and to brake. Fresher will study the rest in itself. It remains war time when flyers were taught only to fly up and bring to land because there was not time for the rest. We will speak about how to start and to brake on right way. What special methods do professionals use? They can be useful for an ordinary driver. Let us see.

So, start. Let’s begin with advice to fresher. We will speak about the following moment: smoothly pushing accelerator pedal and simultaneously letting clutch pedal out you should feel when it (clutch pedal) begins clamp together. At this moment you should pushing accelerator pedal more as instructor of driving teaches. Is it necessary to «catch this moment». Are the car jerking and subsiding engine constant problems of a fresher. Let’s try another way. Do you know what will be if you push accelerator pedal and sharply let clutch pedal out. The car will get off with a jerk. At the same way the fresher should study to start. It is not a joke. Advise him something like that but more merciful. Increase engine’s rotation to 1500 – 2000 per minute you should let out clutch pedal. And you will start move smoothly. Such a way avoids simultaneous work of clutch pedal by left leg and accelerator pedal by right leg. I bet that if I show such way to 100 fresher all of them will show «velvet» start. It corresponds to winter variant of start by an experienced driver when it is ice instead of road.

Now let’s see ring variant of start control wheel’s sliding «wheel spin» is racing cars’ main method of start. It is necessary to provide wheels’ sliding. Otherwise it will break. On the other hand clutch should turn in at once to wheels start skidding or it will burn. You should keep engine rotations when let out clutch and push accelerator pedal. Rear wheels should skid not more than 10 meters and black lines on the road should gradually become grey. It will mean that wheels’ sliding was about 20% so optimal magnitude providing maximum factor (coefficient) rear wheels clutch with the road.


If you simply increase engine’s rotations to limit and throw clutch pedal clouds of smoke will appear under wheels. And tyres protector will die. It is clear that driver is responsible for save otherwise to start on this way in usual conditions. Better to start like on a rally on dirt road if you are able to find such. Nevertheless it should be done on the following way. Put your car on bench hammer when let out

clutch and then add accelerator pedal. For start you should let out bench hammer. The question is how much push accelerator pedal and how to let out bench hammer. But it is question of experience and practice. What does it give? Quick and reliable start. «If in winter drivers use rally start there will not be traffic jams», a pragmatist exclaims. But it is fantastic.