What is ergonomics? We usually use this term talking about labour safety and health aspects of the workplace. Generally it is applied to describe the work station, equipment and other items used at it and underlines that all these things should be operated safely and comfortably in order to provide less risk of being injured during the working process. Ergonomics also should be considered at driving as this type of activity is a great source of risk. Ergonomics rules neglecting can cause back, shoulder and neck pain, bad circulation in the lags and buttocks. Incorrect and uncomfortable sitting at the wheel can lead to serious problems with your spine. So, what can you do to drive more comfortably and safe?

Proper driving ergonomics

Firstly make sure that the suspension works well. Vibration can lead to serious health problems so if you are starting for a long journey or just travel much use additional padding on for your seat. To feel comfortable in the car adjust your steering wheel and the seat properly. Make sure that you are able to operate the pedals with your feet without taking your lower back from the seat. If in some reason this is impossible then use a lumbar support of even take something soft from home in order to put it behind your back on the seat and give additional support to it. At the same time you should always keep in mind that your control over the vehicle must be perfect at all times. So don’t forget to adjust your seat every time when you feel this is necessary.  This will help lessen the influence of vibration on your body. But don’t forget adjust your mirrors every time you alter the seat. When you are buying a car pay particular attention to the seat as it is one of the most ergonomically important parts of the vehicle which should provide you with comfort and safety. Check whether it is properly operated with electronic mechanisms, whether it is comfortable enough for your legs, back and hips. It is especially important in view of the fact that car seats come of various sizes and shapes. Look for seats which provide you with comfortable and easy access to pedals and controls, and a proper all-round vision of all the instruments and controls. . Adjustable steering wheels can change their position and angle so you can choose the seated position mostly comfortable for you and alter your wheel accordingly. If your hands or wrists are not strong enough and this prevents you to control the car properly consider having an automatic gearbox which allows you not to fulfill all those movements to change the gears as we do on a manual gearbox. If you are fond of talking over the mobile phone being at the wheel use only “hand-free” device. Don’t forget that using mobile phone when driving is illegal unless you use a hand-free kit. Install the cradle, audio speaker or external microphone in such a way to have a comfortable posture. Perhaps using a Bluetooth™ earpiece will be even more suitable. Examine the boot of your future car – it should be comfortable enough to reach inside. But keep in mind not to get anything heavy out of it within at least 5 minutes after a long drive. It will be even more useful for your body to stop every hour during a long journey, get out off your car and do a short series of exercises. Watch the ventilation in your car as it is also very important for health. Check whether your air conditioning and heating systems operate properly. Follow all these simple tips and your driving will become much easier, safer and more comfortable.