For the last years a great variety of different in-car entertainment devices became available to drivers. Only some years ago DVD players were available for few car owners, nowadays it comes as standard in many vehicles ? add a few hundred dollars and you’ll get a car equipped with a games console, a Playstation 2, for instance. However we must keep in mind that despite of all the technological improvements any car driver has only one central job ? driving a vehicle. That’s why they should not watch TV screen in the rear-view mirror or tune their MP3 player, as all these entertainments represent serious distractions for a driver. Car Radio ? Do You Remember What It Is? Nowadays the times of the cars equipped with simple radio have gone irrevocably. Today most of modern vehicles are provided with various super-duper stereo systems. In-Car Music Systems ? Which is Better? Not so long a go in-car CD player was rather an impressive feature of your vehicle. Today you need to pay around $400 to provide your car with modern CDradio unit and therefore add a few good speakers to the vehicle. This is a suitable variant for people with more sense than money. In recent years new MP3 players opened great opportunities for drivers fond of music. They allow to download music you like and connect everything without using a whole net of adapters, wires and cables as you can play music through the vehicle stereo. When choosing a system of any type a driver should make sure that it allows to change CDs or tracks quickly and easily. The music you listen to should not be too loud not to distract you or those why drive close to your car. Satellite Navigation Systems Sat Nav systems represent the next step of the gadget ladder. They vary from small pieces of software installed into your PDA or mobile phone to portable units which can be used in different cars. There are also expensive variants of the software which are able to define your route precisely up to the color of the shirt you are wearing at the wheel. If your aim is to get from point A to point B in the shortest possible time these systems will be very useful. However they will distract you rubbishing with directions, if you travel a lot. A Built-In DVD Player I’m sure that most of parents are so tires of their kids’ constant questions of the type: “Are we there yet?” that they are ready to spend time and money to equip their car with DVD players and headphones to keep their little fidgets quite on long travel. No longer they belong to posh features now they are available for most car owners. So now there are a lot of vehicles with built-in TV screens which either fold down from the roof of the car or built into the back of the front seats. Some of them however are disables when the car begins to drive as it is illegal to watch TV when driving. This is always in vain as many drivers manage to over-ride the system which gives them opportunity to watch TV news and other programs while driving a car. Of course, this should not be attempted in any case as it is dangerous and illegal. Play consoles and DVD players are very important features as they keep children busy on long journeys. Think of play console in your car but make sure that the play will not involve many fast movements, that your kid will not distract you from driving a car. Nowadays these TVDVD screens come as standard in many luxury car marques, but these accessories are getting less expensive and more affordable. More and more automakers start to use them. There is a positive side of this as bored, tired and grumpy kids (as well as other occupants) can stress the motorist out and make the driving far more hazardous and dangerous than it should be.