Two fifty-year-old Italian men want to see which car does best as a boat. They have been caught with a Maserati in the Tyrrhenian Sea and since the car did not have appropriate sea vessel documents, it was confiscated by the coast guard officials. Marco Amoretti and Marcolino De Candia have tried this trick before. They have sailed on the car boats made from Volkswagen Passat and Ford Taurus in 1999. The sailors say at that time they traveled across the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands to the island of Martinique. This year the men have decided to try their native auto and go around the country. The Maserati is painted bring pink with a name “Miriam” written on its rear with white cursive letters. For the best sailing the men have attached an outboard motor to the rear bumper and buoyant polyurethane to the sides. The coastal guard has decided that the vessel was not seaworthy, lacked required documents and safety features. Besides, poor weather condition, dark time of the day and slow speed of the car boat were good enough reasons to confiscate and fine the Maserati.