Everyone knows that talking over the mobile phone while driving is illegal. But what about listening to MP3 player? Using of such gadgets as iPod touch and iPhone which also can be used as MP3 players is getting more and more popular and it’s getting more difficult for drivers to understand what is permitted and what is forbidden.

The Law about Mobiles

According to the law it is positively illegal to drive a car or ride a bike using a hand held communication device. This related both to text messages and voice calls. Hands free devices are allowed but the fact you’ve used them can be used against you in the event of an accident.

So Can I Use My MP3 Player or iPod Tough?

Some people think that they can as their MP3 players are not designed for making or receiving the voice calls. But if you investigate the legislation more carefully you’ll get to know that using a device ’similar’ to a mobile which can make or receive calls, text messages, pictures, both still and moving or has an internet access is illegal as well. The reason is though these devices are not designed to make or receive calls they deal with email and instant messaging programs which are also considered a distraction even more serious than simple telephone calls.

Distracted Driving

Everyone should remember that driving while distracted is te most dangerous thing on the road. When a phone or handheld device diverts driver’s attention from the road the time of reaction can be delayed by 50% or even more. In the event you are involved in an accident and the police prove that while driving you have been used a hands held mobile there is a great opportunity for you to be prosecuted. And don’t think that it will be just a reproach as at best you’ll pay fines and get points on your license. In the event the accident happens because you have failed to keep a control over your vehicle as a result of using a hands held device at the wheel this will probably bring you to a Court. Add to these aspects terrible consequences to your health, life and mental state made by causing injury or death to other people only because you were concentrated not on the road ahead but on the telephone conversation.

IPods and Sat Navs While Driving

Previously the police considered distracted driving as careless driving i.e. the driver was guilty in “incompetent and careless” driving. This resulted in penalty point in the license or £5,000 fines.  However these standards were reviewed in December 2007 and today distracted driving is treated as dangerous i.e. the driver is guilty in being “avoidably and dangerously distracted”. This results in 2 year prison sentence. The main point that this change is not related only to using the mobile phones. It also covers MP3 players, iPods and satellite navigation systems and is often extended to all the devices of this kind that divert drivers’ attention from the road. Being a complex task driving requires full attention. Driving a car a motorist should understand that he or she uses a dangerous weapon and behave in the corresponding manner. If you are fond of listening to the music at the wheel make a playlist before driving in order not to handle the player on the road. At the same time you should keep in mind that even when you might not be changing tracks on your MP3  the policemen stops your car and thinks that you were you could face being banned from driving or even imprisoned. So you’d better forget about your iPod at the wheel and just listen to the radio.