If you’re planning to visit lot of places then the cheapest and most convenient way would be to live in a camper van. If you want comfort then this would be the best option. If you are going to spend most of your time living in a vehicle, then motor home would be comfortable. But converted camper van can be just as comfortable. If you spend lot of time in vehicle it would be better if you have a wash room, with a toilet and also a simple shower. If you are planning to spend most of your time in northern Europe or other places where it is winter it would be better if you have a heating system. There are special kinds of camper van or motor home heaters that live outside of the vehicle, run on diesel and pump heat into the vehicle. These take a bit of work to fit and make some noise with their diesel engine. Also thick curtains that fit the windows well will keep a lot of heat in. Expenses can be bare minimum with free camping, if you do limited driving and buy stocking up at supermarkets. LPG is cheaper to buy in larger quantities, so having large gas bottles means you can save money there. While camping, you may also need Electrical power. It would be better if you have a 12v electrical circuit. Also carry 1 or more leisure batteries. You can charge them when the engine is running as this is the quickest way to charge. Solar panels can also provide you small amount of power during daylight hours. As you are away from other people, you can get a generator with 240v electricity. Some of the good things about a camper van are as follow: You don’t have to look for accommodation or a hotel. You don’t have to use public transport. If you are exploring lot of locations you can save lots of time and money by not using public transport. If you like some place you can stay or drive if you don’t like. You can save most of your time this way. If you’re planning to do some wild camping, then you can stay for free in many beautiful locations. Traveling in a camper van is much more fun as you can carry more things than while traveling in a public transport. Your trip might be more adventurous if you do surfing, wind surfing or cycling.