Porsche is presenting the new Motorsport Collection for everybody who is in love with the Supercup. The summer collection includes all-weather Gore-Tex jackets, various shirts for men, women and children, hats, mugs and belts. The jacket can be worn any time: being a copy of motorsport racing suits in protects the owner from strong wind and rain. It is made in white and gray scale with Mobil 1 and Michelin logos on the front and big red Porsche logo on the back. The price of the Gore-Tex jacket is $649. The company plans to make only 911 of them. Men’s collection also offers polo and rugby shirts, T-shirts and fleece jackets. Their prices start at $59. Porsche took care of ladies’ Motorsport wear too: the female drivers are offered a halter top, a polo shirt and T-shirts. Even the children of Motorsport fans have a chance to get a T-shirt and a hat. Different accessories can go with the clothes and be good for both men and women: lanyards, belts and mugs. For summer vacation the customers can purchase themed beach towel and board shorts. The Motorsport Collection is available at the Porsche dealerships and at the Porsche online store: http://shop3.porsche.com/usa/

Kia Is Selling Cars on eBay

In the modern time you can buy anything on eBay and sometimes very good car deals come there as well. Kia has decided not to miss the opportunity to sell its new vehicles to online shoppers all over the U.S. and came to this biggest online store.

2010 Los Angeles Auto Show: 2012 BMW 650i Convertible

BMW always impresses with its beauties: the German automaker has brought a 2012 650i convertible model to the 2010 Los Angeles auto show and it looks good!

Ferrari Park: Abu Dubai First, Valencia Second…

GE Is Buying VEs

General Electric is planning to save a lot of money by purchasing a fleet of electric vehicles from various manufacturers. According to the company, these 25,000 EVs that have to be bought by 2015, are “the largest-ever single electric vehicle commitment”.

TVR Is Coming Back

Russian billionare, Nikolai Smolensky, who acquired British sports car brand TVR six years ago, is announcing that the production of TVR cars will be restored. Due to financial difficulties the legendary  British cars were stopped in 2006, but TVR is going to launch in spring 2012 with three new models.