This will be a brief on some of the features that are offered for several of Subaru’s top models. If you are reading this and are seriously considering a Subaru, it can be a good reference to investigate further on what kind of Subaru would make a good fit for you. Subaru, as you may know, have a tradition of longevity. Their car’s engines and each Subaru part are meticulously monitored from its manufacture source at the Fuji Heavy Industries plant. Fuji Heavy Industries knows about the quality going into parts and assembly, as its aerospace division has contracts with the Japan Defense Agency to make aircraft, helicopters and target drones.

The Forester

The forester, like all the Subaru models, comes with the acclaimed Boxer engine that has its pistons aligned horizontally flat rather that the typical V-shape. This format has shown great torque readings with less noise. The Forester is a SUV model that doesn’t really look like the square shaped archetype of the traditional SUV. Its design this year has made its interior more lush and roomy with lots of space and attachments for a laptop and mp3 players. The roof has been raised and the wheelbase lengthened for more space yet better handling. It has a double catalytic converter which eliminates more emission as well making it very environmentally friendly. The Forester has turned some heads with its safety record. Subaru’s Forester car parts specifically have produced great results in impact tests. In 2002 it won “Best Pick” with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This was mainly due to the proprietary Ring Shaped Reinforcement frames and other Subaru Forester parts that work in conjunction.

The Impreza

The Impreza has changed its look over the years making it more and more streamlined each progressive model release. There are a few newly added Subaru Impreza parts to the package. They still have the all wheel drive capability and Boxer engine, but now, just this year, Subaru has the double wishbone rear suspension that will also make room for the added wheelbase, which is better for road handling. With projected sales of 2,500 units per month, there will be no problem finding dealers who have Subaru Impreza parts if there is ever a repair or option that you want to add later.

The Legacy

The Legacy is the multi-model mix bag car of the three types of body shapes. It’s often noted for the sport kit type with flared out the body including spoilers and other added Legacy car parts. The body types vary from wagons, to hatchbacks and sedan-type Legacies. Internally, it’s as sound as all of the other models; just as their catch phrase goes “It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.” Still sporting the Boxer engine and all wheel drive, the Legacy is built for styling and large cargo holding capacity. The ’08 model has a trunk-area-concealed under-floor storage tray with grocery bag hooks to nicely match that description. Subaru is also releasing the first diesel powered turbo for the legacy; the first of its kind as a test market in Japan.