Do you know that very often drivers get in a fender bender at a parking lot?  Frequently people just lose their common sense and good judgment when they are trying to find a proper place for parking. For many drivers such road signs as Stop and Yield are natural at the parking lot as these reasonable people understand that now they are at the private property so they should obey certain rules. However, other motorists think that a parking lot is the safest place so they can move across it as they want. Being at a parking lot drivers start feeling free and think about anything but driving. For instance, you are approaching a parking lot and spotting a very suitable space to park your car. However at the same time you see another driver who is obviously going to occupy YOUR parking spot. Of course, your first reaction is to dart forward to be the first to get the spot.  You understand to what this can lead, don’t you? Not only drivers but also pedestrians are at risk at the parking lots, especially if they are moving freely in all directions, often together with small children.  The highest incidence of accidents is usually characteristic of post office parking lots. Here there is the fastest turnover with vehicles parked usually for less than five minutes. However it is very easy to be safe at the parking place. You just should be aware of everything moving for 360 degrees around your vehicle. Remember that you must drive slowly at the parking lot and watch the cars which can move diagonally across the lot. Places situated away from the building where there are usually fewer parked cars will bring you several advantages: *    Your car’s doors will be more protected from dins; *    Your car will not be hidden between other cars and less likely to be robbed or vandalized; *    You will be able to find a spot faster which will save your time; At the same you should be aware of some negative points: *    Do not park your cars at secluded areas especially at night; *    The are you park you car in must be well lit; *    Always make sure that your car is safely locked; *    Do not leave you valuable things visible in the car; *    Before getting into your car you should always check your back seat; *    Before getting into your car, look around to be aware of suspicious people walking by; *    If something seems wrong inside your car sound the horn to draw attention; *    Keep in mind the pillar number where you’ve parked you vehicle. This will help you to find your car at the parking lot easily; *    If it is dark at the parking lot or something seems wrong ask a security guard to go with you to your car.