Speaking about the performance the engine tuning is meant. The aim of engine tuning is aimed to increase the torque, the power output, and the engine responsiveness, besides the engine economy and reliability. In order to make the engine tuning, the engine itself should be strong, sometimes even much stronger compared with the standard one, and it should sustain extra power. To make your car’s engine more competitive and reliable, first make sure that the suspension, the transmission, and the brakes are compatible with the torque and the power output. The most common wish of drivers is increasing the engine power output. What are the ways to achieve this? The most effective one is to enlarge the rate and usefulness of the combustion in the engine. How we can do this? First, it is good to put more fuel mixture onto the engine. The mixture can consist of the fuel itself and some energy content of the higher quality. In addition, it is possible to burn rate more quickly. Do not forget to get rid of the waste products as often as possible. All this will definitely raise the volumetric efficiency. The following tips will help you in some specific situations: 1. Increase the engine shifting. Two ways are possible: either by increasing the cylinder and pistons diameter or by using the crankshaft with a stroke, which is longer. Both variants simultaneously are possible. 2. Use big or multiple carburetors. This is for more fuel mixture creating. 3. Increase the valves size in the engine, in such a way you will diminish the restriction the path of the fuel mix entering. The practice shows that it is much better to use some small valves that one but big. 4. Use smother, larger bored and less controlled exhaust manifolds and intake. This is efficient to maintain the gases velocity. The same thing about the ports: they can be enlarged and smoothed to match perfectly. 5. Increase the lift, or in other words the valve opening height. This can be done when changing the camshaft profile. 6. Make optimization in the valve timing. This will improve burning effectiveness. 7. Increase the comprehension ratio, this is also very helpful. Use the cylinder pressure. 8. Use fuel with the energy content of higher characteristics. Or just add an oxidizer. This can be nitrous oxide or something like that. 9. Use the electronic device to change the tuning characteristics. It is easy: just change the firmware of the EMS (engine management system). 10. Another way of making changes electronically is Manufacturer Detuned Engines.