One of the most enthralling holiday ideas that has steadily collected enough accolades from the travel buffs around the world is camping and most of us would agree to that. Nothing can beat the thrill of roughing it out in the open, close to nature and its splendour. In fact, the prospect of packing up your camping gear and heading out for the woods along with friends is enough to loosen the pent up energies to enjoy a free-spirited vacation. But, what makes camping so refreshingly different and unique in recent times is the emergence of the concept of campervan hire. In consonance to its title, the concept of campervan hire involves the application of a van, which you can hire along with all the necessary ingredients that can usually be found in your home. This holiday idea stands aground on the favourability of a home ground that it provides to the users. Camping in the woods can be sometimes dangerous or may deprive you of the regular entertainment of your homes, which can be fulfilled by a campervan. Not only does your hired campervan protect you from rain or fog and provides you with the entertaining elements of your homes like television and music, it can also offer you all the comforts of home. You will be at the disposal of all your home equipments like propane gas and cookers to whip up a great meal and enjoy the cosiness of your bed too. With a whole lot of advantages that a campervan hire is flanked by, it is no wonder that the concept is well on its way to achieve a phenomenal success, not only in the UK, but in other parts of the world too. These vans come in all sizes to provide you with the amount of space that you require for the people and equipments you want to tag along for the trip.