Generally, your car will transport on an OPEN car hauler that may fit 8-10 cars. These are the types of trailers hardened to transport new vehicles to automotive dealerships for shipping. The trucks are much larger than cargo moving vans or semi trailers. They only permissible 80,000 lbs weight maximum together with truck, trailer and cargo by DOT regulations. So it is essential to note that average car weight of (2,500) lbs (not including SUV’s) joint with the average weight of the truck/trailer (45,000) lbs is generally at capacity. Therefore, personal items that put in extra weight should never left in your vehicle. An ENCLOSED Carrier is somewhat different and forever much safer and normally more costly. An enclosed vehicle transporter may only fit 4-6 cars depending height/length and is much larger than moving vans and semi trailers. They are ready with a hydraulic lift gate for ease of loading/unloading for all auto transporting. The vehicle held in place by a nylon wheel strap (soft-tie down) while transported on air-ride suspensions trailers to cushion the travel through rough roads. Remember because of the height of these trucks, and lack of maneuverability, they may not pass through onto rural streets or areas that may have low hanging streets or low clearance bridges. It may be probably for you to meet the driver at a designated place or make use of a local service with a flatbed to arrive at your exact location for pick-up or drop-off by your car shipping. When you thumb all the way through the phone book or search the Internet for auto or car shippers for shipping your vehicle from one place to another, you may come across a few places advertising “5 free quotes or auto shipping brokerage”. However, take note that these companies do not ship the vehicles themselves for transport or for shipping. In its place, they work as clearinghouses for the companies that in actuality do the transporting for any car, auto or vehicle shipping. A broker can assist you get a good charge or find a company you would not or else know about for shipping or transporting your vehicle, auto or car. Alternatively, many people have a preference to work straightforwardly with a shipper for shipping your car, auto or vehicle, feeling that they want to be able to separately get in touch with those in charge for their vehicles and arrange directly for transport. Both approaches for shipping your car, vehicle or auto have their advantages and disadvantages, but are confident you make out which type of company you are dealing with for shipping car, auto or vehicle.