Car accident is not a pleasant thing, you know. It takes much nerve, very often money and your time. We all know that precaution is better than cure. Let’s see what is in our efforts. 1. The first and the most important advice is in any case to avoid drinking alcohol while driving. There is no need to say about drinking before taking the wheel. 2. Minimize everything that can catch your attention besides driving process, that is reading newspapers or any other printed works, speaking over the telephone, watching TV or computer gaming. 3. Your vehicles demand proper maintenance. Look after tyre condition properly; tune up the auto with the maintenance schedule accordingly. 4. It is no good to support the fast drivers, and start competing exactly on the road. High speed is cool, but your life and health and the same of others is more important, isn’t it? 5. A safe distance between the cars is one more guarantee of avoiding an unexpected and unwanted accident. The ideal variant is to have at least one car distance between the car in front of you and your own one. 6. Constant speed is a efficient alternative to constant slowing and increasing the speed. 7. Mirrors are your great helpers while driving. Do not ignore them; they are your second eyes. Adjust them properly. Usual recommendation is to check their condition every 15 seconds, especially the rare-view mirrors. 8. Defensive driving is the point, which shows how responsible you are and that you respect other drivers. Such way of driving will help you to improve the driving ability. In addition, it gives you one more plus: a comparatively full preparation for some unpredictable situations. 9. Intersection is a potential dangerous zone, be highly attentive there. Proceed the driving with much caution. Remember, that according to some statistic date intersections are the places of the most frequent auto accidents. Just follow the simplest rules: look left, and then look right. It is desirable to look left again to make sure that that the way is clear. 10. Be as visible as possible. The car accidents happen in the bad quality of visualization; be this night or fog, or something like that. Keep the lights on at dawn and dusk, during rain and snow. It is advantage for if you understand the dynamic of the vehicle. This will help you recovering from the skid.