Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and once any car even the best one starts having problems. However, while some cars may provide you with few hundred thousands miles of trouble-free driving, others cause headaches from the very beginning. Why is it so? Some cars start having problems after accidents. Sometimes the problems are caused by factory defects Heavy conditions also make the engine life shorter. Corrosion is also an important factor; for example, if you park the car for a few months in place with high humidity, later it will certainly have more problems than the vehicle driven all this time day after day. But generally the most important reason for a car to break down is lack of maintenance. Tips to keep the engine in a good shape. 1. Regular oil change is most important factor to keep the engine running. If you do it more often than suggested by manufacturer’s schedule, that’s even better. 2. Try to avoid engine overheating. 3. Changing spark plugs, air filter, timing belt and other items from maintenance schedule will save you from expensive repairs. 4. Regularly examine your vehicle in order to fix any small problem before it turns into a serious damage. Of course, every motorist wants hisher vehicle to be in good condition. There is nothing so difficult in getting durability out of your car’s engine. All you have to do is to let your car warm up for at least 15 seconds during warm/hot weather before driving off. Immediate driving off is very harmful for the health of your engine. The point is that when your engine is cold all the oil is in the oil pan at the bottom of the car. Oil needs time to circulate throughout the engine and lubricate all internal parts. When as usual you get into the car and immediately drive off, you have a grinding and meshing of naked metal to metal parts. This is obviously the worst way to wear the engine. The engine parts haven?t got the oil, as you did not give the engine time enough to fully lubricate itself. I’ve seen many people doing this and they wonder why their cars break down so quickly and suddenly. Do you remember that blue smoke you see billowing behind your car? It was caused by this type of neglect. Your car was made to last longer than you think. Take care of it. So if you want your car engine to last well past 100,000 miles, allow it to fully oil itself before driving off. Observe the same warm-up technique during winter period too. Keep in mind that in winter your engine needs more time to lubricate itself as in this time, particularly in freezing weather the oil is thicker and flows more slowly. Metal to metal grinding is greater because of the slow rate that cold oil flows throughout an engine. 3 ? 5 minutes is an ideal time to warm up the engine properly. Incorrect winter use is extremely harmful for any engine. If you continue to drive off without allowing an engine proper time to fully lubricate, don?t be surprised when it brings you many problems and costs. This is one of the main reasons why cars require engine over hauls. Spend a little time and let your engine fully lubricate itself. Take care of your car and it will take care of you!