An average driver had hardly remembered about fire – extinguisher, which is somewhere in his car. He’d rather do it before technical test. We can only be glad for those drivers who didn’t happen to use fire – extinguisher directly. But there is no guarantee that your car will not be tested by fire. So, we advise you to take question of fire – extinguisher into consideration.

There are several types of fire extinguishers. The first is aerosol. They remind shaving foam containers. And their principles of working are the same – push the button and it throws out foam extinguishing fame. Such hydrocarbons as bromide ethyl are used in the fire extinguisher as the main substance. But they can’t cope with something more serious then fire in an ash tray. The reason of such not high effectiveness is extremely insufficient capacity of working substance. It is usually half a litter. The minimal capacity of fire-extinguisher must be two litters at the list.

The second type is powder fire-extinguisher which is more effective. They are used for elimination fire of all types. They are supplied with extinguishing powder and pumped up with gases such as air nitrogen and carbonic acid. Their work is simple. When you push the button gas pressure reject powder through the nozzle. Powder “suffocates” fire depriving it of oxygen.

As a rule powder extinguisher can cope with the fire in the body of the car as well as in the salon. Of course there are some lacks of using extinguishers. For example sometimes it is difficult to remove powder after using extinguisher. Besides, some problems with engine can rise. It should be mentioned efficiency of powder extinguisher depends on the period of validity.

The third type is carbonate. As a matter of fact it is container filling of carbon dioxide. It is used carbon dioxide for fire elimination. After usage there is no any sign. But there are some drawbacks. First of all there is a danger of recurring inflammation. There is a danger of isothermal burn, temperature is about -150°C when carbon dioxide passes through socket and it’s efficiency depends on the period of validity.

There is one more type of instruments using against fire. It is automatic systems of extinguishing. They are more effective than hand ones. On the one hand they are more expensive and on the other hand not every driver will encumber boot or body of a car.

By the way.

Of course when you buy fire extinguisher it’s effectiveness focuses of attention. You should pay attention to two things: the first is size and the second is the period of validity which is 1,5-2 years of an average extinguisher.

Our recommendation.

Transportation of fire extinguisher has some peculiarities. Do not allow it’s contact with sharp parts of a luggage. Do not allow fire extinguisher to roll under your driver’s sit.