When we are hurry to work we often push the accelerator pedal and feel car jerking. It is unpleasant to sit in cold car because you have to make warm driver’s seat. It will become warm only 5 – 10 minutes. Many people can say «Thus he goes by car and complains – mollycoddle». But comfort is something like that if there is comfort you feel well and if it is not you feel discomfort. And it is so pleasant to sit in warm car when it is cold and go there where you need. What can we do with such problem? I should say that we are not first who take this problem into consideration. Today producers of car accessories offer a lot of facilities heating our cars. My task is to bring out advantages and disadvantages of these appliances. This article hasn’t purpose to say that warm car is cool. It goes without saying. This article has purpose to offer to you cheap appliances which help you to feel comfort and warm in your car. There are several types of heaters. Let’s see.

Fore starting heaters

These appliances’ principles of work are clear from the name. But there are several types of such heaters. They are classified according to the type of using energy.

Electric heaters

These appliances are fed from network 220 Volt. As a matter of fact this appliance is heat exchanger with rating of 600 – 2000 Watt. As a rule electric heater is a part of the whole system including block for charging battery, control block heat producing element and heat fan for warming car salon. Advantages of this appliance are evident and the main thing it’s ecological purity safety and reliability. So it is some kind of boiler which also shows time.

Fuel heater

They use petrol diesel fuel and gas in such appliances. With the help of fuel pump which measures out in doses. Fuel comes to combustion chamber. Air comes there too. Incandescing plug strike mixture of fuel and air. Heat which formed in heat exchanger comes to repository it can be liquid or air. In first case fuel heaters are called liquid. They turn on engine cooling systems and provide natural or compulsory circulation heating liquid according to the scheme heat exchanger – engine – radiator – heat exchanger. Such scheme of work is able to warm car solon at the same time. In second case fuel heaters are called aerial. In aerial heaters heat is passed to air stream. Heating air goes to the salon or car cabin. Aerial heaters are used for heating buses’ salon, lorries’ salon, ships and yachts etc. the main advantage of aerial heaters is their effectiveness. The main disadvantage is their high price. For example Webasto heater costs approximately 1000 dollars.

Battery of heat

It is fore starting heaters which change cold liquid in cooler to hot before starting . Hot liquid is taken from special heat battery (thermos) which capacity is equal to the cooling liquid bulk. As a result the engine starts working easily. During engine is working when temperature becomes too high cold liquid from the thermos returns to the cooling system giving place cooling liquid with higher temperature to be ready for the next starting. This system is safe reliable and fully automatic. Electronic control unit checks its work. It is more effective when it is two or even one day between trips. Of course at the same time it is a disadvantage.

Heaters of diesel fuel

In winter diesel fuel thickens and paraffin’s crystals form in it. Their size depends on fuel quality and environment temperature. These crystals become frozen over in filter and block it. As a result fuel doesn’t come to the engine and it doesn’t start working. In order to avoid this you should warm filter and fuel. Heating elements for diesel fuel is used in cars lorries and buses. The great disadvantage here is battery deterioration.