Struts’ condition effects on everything which is connected with cars. Uneven road coat makes wheels vibrate. And if the struts are bad in quality, it easily gets into a wide response and the wheel jumps aside highly from the surface. One more source of wheels’ and suspension’s vibration is wrong wheel’s balance. Or, for example, the wheel is balanced, but it jogs because of e.g. curved shape after the beat, blister, stuck mud, etc. The conclusion is that bad dampers lead to worsen car speeding up, to problems with smoothness, with turnings, with going up and down, in short, everything that can lead to the accident due to increased vibration of wheel’s sliding. Checking struts by one’s own is very simple and easy. It is enough to have a slight examination in order to see if there are some liquid bruises at struts’ body, and then rock the car intensively: each corner by order, pushing the fender or bumper three or four times. After that the vehicle body should make just one reflexive movement to rated transmission level. If the car rocks more or the distinct knocks are heard, the struts can be considered defective and it is advised to change them.