My experience of work in service station shows that not only we car mechanics but car owners must accommodate to a new feed systems. It seems to be that there are no problems with fuel injection engine: press accelerator pedal not remembering about detonation, problems with carburetor etc. But those who fully rely on «clever» technical protection will be sure disappointed.

So, precautions for owners’ cars with fuel injection engine.

First is excessive pushing accelerator pedal. Many drivers forget how they could control pushing accelerator pedal thank to carburetor. And injection permits throttle full opening idling: under these circumstances engine will not move sharply but it will work extremely none economically.

Other lazy – bones do not trouble themselves to change gear and it doesn’t matter is it rising or not. Then he comes to me and complains about great fuel expense (13 litters for 100km). And it is with cars like Daewoo Nexia with fuel injection engine. I explain that engine needs to be rolled after that car owner calls and thanks for useful pieces of advice: 8 litters for 100 km. One more problem is illegibility in feed. Sometimes man learns by bitter experience that he should choose petrol pump carefully. It deals with dirty petrol. Such products as diesel fuel, fuel oil can fall in petrol through a cistern of general use. Because of slow combustion of this mixture engine rating reduces and driver pushes accelerator pedal more powerfully. As a result engine uses more fuel than engine in good order and it cranks with some difficulties. If course you can wash fuel injection to solve the problem. But washing feed system through a cistern is very harmful. Because there resinous sediments which make dirty everything and sometimes engine stops working.

Professionals do it in the following way. The process includes two studies. First is engine’s work idling. Then 20 minutes rest while resinous sediments soak off and decompose. Second study lasts 25 minutes with recurring supplying with gas up to 2500 rotation per minute.

The cistern is washed separately. If it is metallic there would be no problems to wash it because there is a plug in the bottom. You can easily remove dirty sediment and washing petrol. As for plastic cistern you should remove it and only then wash it. There are things which are not harmful for carburetor engine but are harmful for fuel injection engine for example deterioration of valve cowls which cause waste of oil. Carburetor engine will protect from the oil as for fuel injection engine there will be other situation. If you don’t stop engine’s work you will have to buy something more expensive than cowls.

The same effect will be if you flood oil to engine. Buy the way such cars as Kia turn on the signal light «Check Engine». So, if you have car with fuel injection engine you should show it to professionals regularly or learn it with great interest. Choose something. There is not the third way out.