Fast driving is cool, curious and aggressive. You can be alone, you are a grown up and you are responsible for your own life. This is what you say to yourself for self-relief. You were given this life. But you gave life to another creature, this lovely child who is sitting next to you or behind your seating place in the car? Are you sure that the child is properly saved? Did you take into consideration all the unpleasant situations? Let’s see. First of all it is better to drive in a good mood; at least the driver should be cold-minded and do not feel any nervous or angriness. You should constantly keep in mind that all your deeds should be directed on the protecting the child’s life. This is the focus, all the rest is done through this idea. It is a necessary step to check everything before starting to drive. So, check whether your child is secured carefully. The statistics shows that a great amount of child’s death is due to improper security. Sometimes there were no effective child restraints such as a child car seat, a seat belt or a booster. Just think over, do you have at least one of the enumerated things above? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration officially stated that in 2003 there were more than 42,000 traffic accidents with fatal results in the U.S. 5 percent of suffered people were children aged less then fourteen. This is the digit to make some fast drivers think a little about the responsibility for other lives. An insurance trade organization makes the accent on proper fixing of the car seat, seat belt or booster. The essential point is it is recommended to have children in the back seat of the car. This seat has a winning point: it affords more distance till the person hits something hard. Besides, the child is likely to hit the airbag. All the states in the USA have legal law for protecting children’s life in a car, but some of them have gaps in rules. Some of them consider children to be only 12. And what to do with those who are just a year or two older? If you are hiring the car in some state make sure you know all the rules of driving with children, because some states do not look at the age, they keep in focus the weight. Less then 60 kilo? Go to the back seat, and the problem is sold.