Many drivers often get at the wheel being stressed. The situation is not so serious when a driver can take control over his or her emotions and his or her mood does not influence other people. In the event drivers can not contain their negative feelings and take them out on other road-users we have the phenomenon which psychologists call “road rage.” Usually in includes shouting and rough gestures and hand signals.  When the quarrel between drivers goes far it can result in more dangerous, sometimes fatal consequences. Unfortunate victims of road rage can be left black and blue and sometimes dead.

So, what is ‘road rage’ actually?

According to psychologists, it is an emotion which has developed recently on the ground of our growing reliance on cars. This state includes slight annoyance and can develop into feeling all out murderous. That’s why it is so important to do all the best to avoid the road rage.

How can we avoid it?

Unfortunately there are a lot of idiots on the road. It is a fact. They often drive I such a way to provoke other road-users. Do not let it be you. When you show such people that you are annoyed with their actions it’s like a red rag for a bull which can only escalate the problem. Be aware that if a driver performs a dangerous maneuver this does not mean that he wants to provoke you. Perhaps, he or she is just having a terrible day. Try to remember how many silly mistakes you yourself have done on the road. Be tolerant, calm down and don’t pay attention to such drivers. Try to move as far as you can from people making dangerous maneuvers. You should understand that your life is more valuable than some stupid arguments with a person unfamiliar for you. If it is YOU who caused the road rage apologize to the drive you’ve offended. Just admit that it was your fault. This usually calms opponents down. Try to avoid eye contact with enraged motorists if possible. Do not be intimidated by people driving around you, always stay calm.  Check the windows and doors of your vehicle, make sure that they are closed and locked.

How not to annoy other road-users?

Follow these plain tips and this will help you to avoid angering other motorist and allow you to be on the right side. Always try to preserve a good distance between your vehicle and the car in front . feeling someone riding your bumper can make a driver get nervous.   Besides small distance between cars is one of the most common causes of road accidents. Remember that any vehicle following another one is responsible for stopping in time. That’s is why if you are driving too close the car in front and it stops suddenly and you hit it – it’s only your fault.

What to do if they do not give up?

As we have already mentioned, you should avoid eye contact. Don’t respond their words or actions. In the event the situation can escalade, go to the nearest policeman. This may be very effective. If an angry driver is following you do not drive home. Never show such people where you live.

Road Rage When Parking

Not all road accidents happen on the road. Your cutting someone up to park your can make a person so furious that this can easily lead to road rage attack. Following these tips will help you avoid these problems at a parking lot. 1. Common sense and common courtesy will help you. Don’t do anything that can annoy other motorists. 2. Take control of your own emotions. This will allow you to avoid taking your anger out on someone else.