Lee Iacocca has been known in the world for a while. He has proven many people that a good businessman can lead a company to success even if he takes it at the company’s weakest times. Mr. Iacocca has written several books, the most popular of which is “Iacocca: An Autobiography” that became a best-seller and reached a 10-million mark. His miraculous work is still talked about because nobody else has done a great job in the automotive business like Lee Iacocca. For some people he is knows as a leader of Chrysler and no wonder people remember this, because when Iacocca took the company, it was ready to file bankruptcy. With the smart decisions and right actions the CEO did not let one of America’s biggest automakers to die. Although Lee Iacocca has been working in different companies, his heart has always belonged to Ford. He is the “godfather” of Lincoln Continental Mark II and Ford Mustang. Forty five years ago, being Ford President, Iacocca was watching the birth of America’s most loved sports car. He was the one to introduce the new Mustang on the 1964 New York World’s Fair. For the ex-president’s 85th birthday Ford has decided to make special edition Mustang with Iacocca name. The retired businessman was excited to work on this car together with the designer Michael Leone and Gaffoglio Family Manufacturers, the coach building and design company from California. After the two years of joint work the final design has been finally approved. The working title of the project is I Legacy, but the full name of the car will be impressively long. This new pony car is called Lee Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Limited Edition Ford Mustang. It is built on the 2009 Mustang platform with some classical features from 60’s. All 45 Mustangs will be done in special Iacocca chosen silver hue. Ford proudly says that Iacocca Mustang will be handcrafted. Mr. Iacocca is satisfied with the work that has been done. He says, “Once in a while a car comes along that changes everything and that was the original Mustang.” The deeply sank eyes-headlights, slanted nose-grill and low stance make this car look aggressively with “street attitude”. The manufacturer offers a variety of engines: a standard Ford 4.6-liter V8 which outputs 320 horsepower and its supercharged version with 400 hp. Both of the engines come with quick-shifting five-speed manual transmission. However, if the customer is desperate to have an automatic, Ford can provide it too. The suspension helps to keep up with the power of the Mustang. Thanks to Ford Racing handling package the car has very firm springs and re-valved shock absorbers. As an option the automaker offers Ford Racing braking package. Both engines and suspension components come with Ford warranty. The interior of Iacocca Mustang is luxurious: leather seats have diamond design and embroidery stitching. Iacocca badge is engraved on the headrests, dash plaque and aluminum door sill plates. Leather-wrapped steering wheel has “I” badge. Each of the 45 cars will have a serial number which distinguishes the Mustangs from the others. The price of the Special Edition Mustang is yet to be announced. They say we’ll know about it in July. Those who are excited to become owners of an Iacocca Mustang have to wait too, because the orders will not be accepted until July either. Although Lee Iacocca has done a lot for the automotive industry and works now on the Mustang with his name, he says, “I personally don’t want to get back into the car business”. Ford ex-president does not sound very convincing because later he exclaimed, “I’ve still got gasoline in my veins. These 45 cars won’t change the world, but we’ll have some fun. It feels good.” It seems that he already has some plans for 2010 Mustang too. We only have to wait and see. And will they miss an opportunity in 2014 when Mustang turns 50 and its “godfather” 90?