It is mandatory to get car insurance while buying a car that provides protection against loss occurred in the event of an accident. Generally, the insurance cover is for the insured, the vehicle and third party and the various policies specify the circumstances under which they are covered. Usually, car insurance is compulsory and a minimum of third party insurance is required to protect against the financial loss, damage or injury caused by a vehicle. When some thorough research is done, it is feasible to get the lowest car insurance quote and the internet is the best place to compare the various quotes provided by the different companies. The monthly premiums depend upon several factors while going for car insurance like the driving record, age, the location where the vehicle is parked and driven. In fact, the distance for which the car is driven and the purpose for which the car is driven are also accounted for, while assessing the premium of the car insurance. Of course, there are discounts for anti theft and safety devices, approved defensive driving course and combining multiple policies with the company. With such a diversity of factors that influence the car insurance quotes, it is always better to get free car insurance quotes since it would take a long time to calculate the best possible deal taking into consideration all these factors. But a comparison has to be done to strike the best deal and what else can be more helpful than the internet. Free insurance quotes are offered by the insurance companies who vie with one another to sell a policy to the prospective clients. Earlier, radio, television and newspaper used to be the media of advertisement but with the advent of internet, it is now possible to offer the various quotes. Another advantage is that internet is available all the time, 24×7 and is far reaching to any part of the world. In addition, the insurance companies would get the feed back almost instantaneously and can find out their probable clients. This is very helpful for the companies to expand their business and rectify, if there are any flaws. On the other hand, free car insurance quotes are convenient for the clients too, who are in a position to compare and contrast the various quotes from the convenience of the home, without having to drive along, spending gas or waste time and energy to get a comparison for the different car insurance quotes. Free car insurance quotes online also help get rid of the agents who would try their best to impress and influence a person into falling a prey to one of the car insurance the company offers.