Taking care of your car’s appearance is very important. A lot of people think that it’s enough to take care of just of outside but forget of inside. The inside area of your car, known as interior, usually includes the seats, seat belts, harnesses, inside door panels, carpeting mats, dashboard and cargo area. Your car’s interior provides comfort, safety and convenience for all the passengers. Additionally it is a centre of all car’s systems control. For example, the Climate Control System allows you to feel comfortable in spite of season, weather or driving conditions. It quite possible to compare your car’s interior with the living room in your house as you spend there much time. So keeping your car’s interior clean saves you a lot of time, provides long interior life and makes the next clean-up much easier. Also you should keep in mind that it’s necessary to prevent any loose articles from moving around the interior as it may be dangerous when a sudden jar of the car takes place during an accident. That’s why you should remove all unnecessary items and locate the rest ones in a secure place. It’s important to keep your vehicle interior clean and well maintained. First, thoroughly vacuum the car’s interior. Frequent vacuuming removes much of the dirt that accelerates wear and tear of the fabric and carpet. Clean fabric and carpets periodically to remove imbedded dirt and minimize the likelihood of stains. While vacuuming be very careful when you reach under the seat ? haven’t you forgotten of what you have placed there? Towels and clean water re the main tools for dash are and seats. Cotton swabs will help you to remove dust out of tight spots and a clean, stiff-bristled brush is just indispensable to clean the carpets. While cleaning carpets don’t use too much water as many people do. Remember that it’s very important to let the carpet dry thoroughly before closing the vehicle up tight. When we speak of upholstery cleaning it’s necessary to always match the cleaning product to the surface. Use the products specifically designed for the surface you want to clean whether it is leather, vinyl, plastic, wood, simulated wood or upholstery Foam cleaner, for example, will very well work with cloth or velour upholstery. You can also use it on your carpet and floor mats. Leather interiors, however, require special care. Like a pair of shoes, leather seats can crack and age quickly. Never use a solvent-based cleaner for leather interior as it will only speed up the aging process. Use only specifically designed leather cleaners. There are many special cleaners which are very useful for many vinyl and leather portions of your car interior. They will provide not only protection from dirt and harmful sun rays but also offer an attractive shine. Draw particular attention to floor mats as they are aimed to protect your car’s carpet from dirtiness, stains, spills and wear. That’s why don’t try to save your money on floor mats and if they are old and shabby, drop in the local shop and get new ones. Spills should be cleaned away as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of stains. Be careful when use carpet or upholstery spot cleaner, first read manufacturer’s recommendations. Test all cleaners for color-fastness in a hard-to-see spot first before using in a more conspicuous place. To remove dust, pollen and common allergens from interior surfaces use shop clothes. They capture dirt rather than moving it around. You’d better always keep some in the glove compartment to use when necessary. Finish your cleaning work with some glass cleaner on the windows. Window smudges are focal points that can make the entire vehicle appear dirty. For cleaning windows, avoid products that contain ammonia, as it can damage window tint film on the inside of the windows. Clean water and towels will help you to clean windows quickly and effectively. Never use ammonia to clean seatbelts either, as it affects the seatbelts’ ability to protect you in the event of a crash. Finally don’t forget to fresh the air and dry the interior thoroughly. Follow these tips, take care of the car’s exterior and interior and your vehicle will become everyone’s admiration.