You don’t like traveling with your kids as these small tyrants sitting at the rear seat prevent you from driving a car? Here are some tips which will help you to keep your kiddies quiet and calm. When you are traveling together with your family and your children are constantly asking you “Are we there yet?” never answer them “We’ll be there soon.” If it is not true the answer will not calm down your kids. Instead of answering their questions try to call off their attention from the road, pull out something fun for them to do. We offer you some tips for traveling with your family this summer. Games. Use your imagination and involve children and adults in all sorts of games, for example, counting truck names or state license plates. Another variant is buying a pack of cards called 52 Fun Things to Do in the Car. On these cards you can find different kinds of activity for your kids. Sing-Alongs. Another easy way to involve passengers into activity is singing. Plan the activity in advance and find appropriate discs or a songbook Vintage Radio Programs. Let you children listen in the car old radio mystery programs, for example The Shadow and The Saint, which are available on CDs. Old comedy programs, for instance, The Jack Benny Show, will do as well – they are very interesting and amusing and have delighted people long before the advent of television. Language learning. Passengers in the car both children and adults during long traveling can devote their free time to a new language learning. The only task is to arrange this process in a merry way that seems not like a school one. There are good teaching programs, for example the series Learn in the Car or Verbal Advantage which will offer you ways to remember words’ meanings. Audio books. If you want to improve your kids’ reading skills get them interested in reading There are exist audio books for every age group. Electronic books. The MobilePlayer will become your best friend during long journeys as it can electronically – without tapes – reproduce any spoken material. You can get this unit for $199. All you need to do is download books or other materials from PC. You can also create your own selection of your favourite audio files and listen to them any time in the car. Driving theaters. During a lot of time the best en-car entertainment was a TV set running on the dashboard cigarette-lighter current. Today in many modern cars there are in-built in VCRs TV sets but remember that this kind of entertainment is good for passengers but not for a driver as it represents a serious distraction and may cause an accident on the road. Today the Ford Motor Co. equips all models of its minivans with so called Visteon, – the entertainment system that includes a rear-seat VCR and Nintendo 64 game system. This option costs about $1499. Panasonic has a surprise for DVD movie fans – the Palm Theater DVD player running on its own rechargeable battery. Also there are in-dash mobile DVD players which can be installed into any vehicle. However not in all the regions it is legal to have TV-sets and other video units in the cae, so you’d better check your state’s department of motor cars. Cruise with the children. To have a good time and enjoy yourself you should plan everything ahead before to hit the road. Take you children into consideration when choosing a hote. Check whether there is a pool and other facilities for your kids there. And if you plan everything properly you children can even ask you: “Are we there already?”