The BMW 3 Series Sports Coupe has defined the standards of 2-door sports cars for decades. And with its new twin-turbocharged BMW 335i – the latest creation of the genre – the highest standards once again will be hard to excel. Have you even driven a 3 Series coupe? If yes, then you, for sure, have appreciated its many great qualities – this model is a perfectly balanced machine with smooth and substantial engine power, the sharpest steering action, great pedal feedback, and always obedient and communicative chassis. A great feature of the vehicle is its considerable fuel efficiency, with both major boost to engine power and a substantial reduction in fuel consumption. It has the world’s first inline six-cylinder engine with high precision injection and twin turbo chargers. The engine has a 3.0-liter capacity and produces a stout 300 bhp and 300 lb.- ft. of torque from a lowly 1400 rpm up to 5000 rpm. The forced-induction is quite indiscernible to your right foot – it feels almost like an instantly powerful high quality V-8. The engine also marks an impressive advancement in turbo technology – you can only hear the voice of the turbos under a full-throttle acceleration run from a standstill. With all it has, the new model looks and feels absolutely BMW, yet even more spacious, lively, and refined. The car gives ample space and conveniences for four people, promises top performance and is packed with the most advanced technologies and safety features. In its appearance, this BMW is easily identified as a 3 Series, with an addition of crisper folds in its sheet metal, including the recognisable crease through the door. Inside, the car is well-proportioned, luxury, functional and can satisfy the most refined driver’s taste. The interior has been designed by Karl Hans Osada – a former Audi designer who came to work for BMW a few years ago and brought along his own vision of appearance and finish. The front seats give you enough space to feel comfortable and carefree, with a fair amount of side bolstering. The thick steering wheel is nicely sized and implemented in accordance with comfortable sporty civil proportions – great for everyday use. The style and materials of interior design, in my opinion, could have been a bit more advanced as they resemble too much stuff used in the previous-generation car. Another annoying inconvenience is the lack of front storage for small items. There are few competitors to this luxury, most powerful 2-door BMW model, which would be of same price range – around $40,000. BMW 335i is definitely ‘the cream of the top”, a beautiful and powerful invention within the universally loved genre of the BMW 3 Series Sports Coupes.