Nissan supercharger has been a product that has been in the car production for years at present. This goal of the company was serving the local marketplace, for domestic utilization of the Japanese citizens. But when the years pass over, they have observed the need and the demand to export its goods allover the world. In this way, it can achieve a full-size market and more earnings to the company as well. The company’s main goods that they manufactured are trucks and cars. They have been manufacturing cars and goods as well as launched them in different countries since 1950s and what’s left was history. Nissan has constantly expanded itself to make some goods to cater a large market with different needs and tastes. To peak to this widespread line-up of goods, it has made the world famous and best advertising sports car constantly in the world that is the Nissan Z-series. It has been distinguished that Nissan has been sending abroad its goods to other parts of the earth. Since 1982, their vehicles at this time were being sold although in a different product name that is Datsun. In 1989, for its lavish models that were kept for sale in North America rather than Nissan since its product name is below Infiniti. Still with several brand names that are beneath the umbrella of Nissan, yet Nissan does not finish there, it as well find means and ways to enlarge its business and even engage itself with joint projects with some Japanese car producers like Mitsubishi and Suzuki. It initiates their latest product Qashqai SUV in South Africa. Nissan merely sticks its trade with the automotive industries as it even engages with some projects with reference to mobile service as well as with Tohatsu Corp that is engaged in manufacturing motors for boats along with marine equipment. This only shows how divertive and inventive they are while in terms of increasing its business in the course of new goods, exporting to other parts of the globe, and employing in joint projects with different companies. By means of all the different goods that Nissan has to provide to the world, it may be complicated what to select. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure with each product that is out in the marketplace arrives with an extended line of history of excellent automobiles that can be traced years ago.