Custom car covers use several types of materials to provide the best protection for your car. The quality and type of materials used depends on whether the custom fit car covers are used indoor or outdoor. Indoor car covers do not use the highest quality of fabric unlike the outdoor types. This is because the environmental factors outside are more hazardous than in the car port. In addition, the type of fabric used for auto covers should complement the weather conditions in your area. The most common fabric materials used for custom car covers are polyester, flannel and acrylic fibers. The difference between these three materials is the level of protection given to your car. The most basic protection can be provided by polyester and cotton. Polyester and cotton car covers are durable and effective for sun and rain protection while giving a mild touch to your car’s finish. Flannel is a blend of polyester and cotton, but about 50% heavier than the other fabric. Flannel materials are more expensive and longer lasting than polyester and cotton. This is ideal for indoor car protection. Flannel is milder to your car’s paint than is polyester. For intense heat from the sun, custom car covers made of acrylic fibers are perfect. Acrylic fibers can protect your car from the scorching UV rays. They are also the most expense among the three. Because of innovations in technology, new fabrics are being used for custom fit car covers. There is a stretch satin for indoor car cover. Satin stretch is the softest fabric to protect your car’s paint. It has lycra yarns to follow the contours of your car. For outdoor car covers, covers use woven materials to cover your car for all-weather conditions. They are woven to be gentle to your car’s finish. There are custom car covers that use three layers of materials to fit for light weather conditions. To cover your car even from acid rain and strong UV rays, specifically for SUVs, 4-layer car covers are fitting. Evolution car covers use less expensive fabric. However, they are of better quality with its 4-ply tough materials cushioned against bumps, punctures and dings. Known as the best tear-resistant, evolution material is perfect winter car covers. But you need to take it off in the spring; otherwise, it will be frozen to your car. Weathershield car covers are an all-around car protection. They shed water on contact, and have impressive UV resistance. By far, they are also the easiest to install and remove. Weathershield custom car covers are ideal for cars with sharp edges and that are stored outdoors for longer period of time. Noah car covers are the most cost-efficient, along with weathershields. Noah car covers have a better moisture barrier, making them better water-resistant. Moreover, they are lighter and more flexible. The best custom car covers for indoor is Dustop. It is a 4-layer non-woven fabric, and ultrasonically laminated for highest degree of dust protection. Unlike the woven flannels, dustup car covers offer 4 times the dust protection.