Whether you are going to buy a car privately or from a dealership and whether the car is brand new or a secondhand one still you need a correct paperwork to get the vehicle. This article will provide you with necessary information concerning the papers you’ll need to check when buying a car.

V5 Vehicle Registration

Don’t forget to ask the seller to show you a V5 Vehicle Registration document (often called the ‘log book’) whenever you are getting a new or used car. It is a proof of ownership and shows that the car is not cloned when false number plates are used to steal the car’s identity. When you get this paper the former owner of the car should inform the DVLA that the ownership has been changed. You should also inform the DVLA that you are the new owner of the vehicle. Keep in mind that it is a very important procedure as it helps verify that the name and the address really belong to the owner and that the registration number of the document corresponds to that on the tax disc.

MOT Certificate

You should also get from the seller the up to date MOT certificate. The paper shows where and when the vehicle was last serviced and whether the car fits for driving. If possible check the last two certificates, this is also very useful. Make sure that there are no discrepancies on the mileage figures and that the certificate is original.

Other Documents to Be Checked

The other important thing to be checked is the vehicle identification number, often referred to as VIN. You can find it under the bonnet, under the floor panel on the driver’s side or on the chassis. Of course, it should match the number on the registration certificate. This shows whether the car has had changed its identity, or has been rebuilt from the parts of which some may be new and some may be old. You can check this in a garage or by inspector. Ask the seller should provide you with the full service history book of the car in order you can check with the traders whose stamps are in the book to make sure that the entries in it are accurate. In the Internet you can find a lot of on-line companies which will provide you with all necessary information: whether there is any outstanding finance on the car, whether it is stolen or not, whether it is insured or not. This is not expensive at all. Here they will tell you also whether the mileage is accurate and the registration number and VIN match. If you are buying a vehicle from a dealership for cash you should be given a signed copy of the agreement and it is very important to read it carefully and thoroughly check all the figures. Check the terms and conditions of any additional insurance and warranties that you ar expected to buy, paying great attention to any exception in the contract. The main tip for you is to take enough time and never be rushed into buying a car, new or used. Try to get all the available information and learn it carefully before making up your mind to purchase a car.