Car engine: Parts, work, problems. Part 1

Before to start working with the engine you should make sure that you have a proper manual. Online manual from ALLDATA is very good information material. The engine can be viewed as a heart of a vehicle which pumps air…

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Engine maintenance tips

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and once any car even the best one starts having problems. However, while some cars may provide you with few hundred thousands miles of trouble-free driving, others cause headaches from the very beginning. Why is it…

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How the engine can be heated in winter

When we are hurry to work we often push the accelerator pedal and feel car jerking. It is unpleasant to sit in cold car because you have to make warm driver’s seat. It will become warm only 5 – 10…

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Owners’ car’s with fuel injection engine typical mistakes

My experience of work in service station shows that not only we car mechanics but car owners must accommodate to a new feed systems. It seems to be that there are no problems with fuel injection engine: press accelerator pedal…

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Diesel engine – More efficient than gasoline engine?

Diesel cars seem to enjoy a new wave of popularity in the USA. There are a number of reasons for that, the most important of which are the rising prices of gas. Owners of diesel cars swear that they have…

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Engine Overheating

A vehicle engine can be overheated at any weather or season. Chemical energy in the fuel becomes converted into thermal energy when fuel burns making the car run and if this process is not watched and controlled, the overheating might…

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