Concept cars are car prototypes made to showcase a concept, new styling, technology and more. Very often concept cars are seen in motor shows with an intention to gauge customer reaction of the latest design and radical changes. They are just experimental pieces and rarely go into production. Check out some of the interesting concepts: Audi A1 Concept has a more masculine in the mini class. The new Audi concept is equipped with a 150 bhp 1.4 TFSI engine. The length of the Audi A1 concept is 3.910 mm and the width is 1.750 mm. it hosts 4 people. It has a fuel capacity of 240 liters. Bugatti Veyron is designed to be very light and is a true performance vehicle. Veyron is the ultimate sports car as it’s the quickest accelerating and decelerating road-legal production car in the world. It’s skillfully built with aluminum components. A special version called Per Sang (literally in French – Pure Blood) launched in September 2007 reveals pure aluminum-carbon fiber body. Chevrolet Camaro is North America’s Pony Car. We’re currently witnessing the fifth generation of the Chevrolet Camaro. The Chevrolet Camaro Concept is a new prototype has a manual transmission with 6 gears and a chassis developed for stability, with independent suspension for all the four wheels. It uses Active Fuel Management technology that allows fuel consumption optimization. Ford Mustang is an automobile produced by the Ford Motor Company, originally based on the Ford Falcon compact. Comprised of Ford parts designed specifically for its excellent performance, each and every component was engineered to perfection, from the Ford hood up to the Ford Spoiler. Ford spoiler is among the Ford Mustang Parts that help’s in maintaining its high performance and also satisfies one’s appetite for a jaw-dropping ride with that certain flair. Lamborghini Reventon iis the most extreme vehicle built by Lamborghini. It’s a mid engine sports car made with carbon fiber components. Reventon brings other improvements to the engine cooling system, the air intake and the braking system. The Reventón is named after a fighting bull from the Rodriguez family which fought with the Felix Guzman bull in the year 1943, defeating him.